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Welcome to a brand new weblog submit مربًا بكم في مدونة جديدة. Because the starting of the pandemic, Most individuals had been prevented from touring.. Many, because of this, began to journey inside their nations بدأ الثلثون and discover the components واكْتِشَافِ الأَجْزَاءِ they haven’t been to earlier than الَّتِي لَمْ يَزُورُوهَا مِنْ قَبْل . On this weblog submit (will likely be in 2 components), we will likely be studying some key phrases & phrases associated to the theme of home tourism السِّيَاحَة الدَّخِلِيَّة.

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We’ll be finding out an article from BBC Arabic that addresses this information about home tourism within the UK.

To entry the article, you’ll be able to click on TIMES or on this tweet under.

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Phrases round “Tourism”

Tourism سِيَاحَة

Home / native دَّاخِلِيَّة

Vacationer سَائِحْ

Tourist سُيَّاح / سُوَّاح

Tour جَوْلَة

Trip رِحْلَة

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* To help you start reading and understanding the article, you will find below a list of the key words (in Arabic and English) that appear in the article.

Key words (List A):

Summer الصَّيْفْ

Coastal سَاحِلِي / ساحِلِيَّة

Visitors زُوَّار

Visit زِيَارَة

To visit يَزُور

Visitor زَائِر

People on vacation / vacationers (by the sea) مُصْطَافُون

Taking photos الْتِقَاطُ الصُّوَرْ

Entertaining oneself / having fun التَّرْفِيه

The beach الشَّاطِئْ

Swimming السِّبَاحَة

To swim يَسْبَحْ

Seagulls طُيُورُ النَّوْرَس

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Text Comprehension

* Now, let’s look closely at the first few paragraphs of the article (see below). Try to understand them as much as you can >>

Zar Al-Masur Al-Britani Dafid Harz, Binton Coastal Region, in the south of the United Kingdom, the past. If you exchange around the hadith with a man, take him to his seat on the moving chair, who will take it from him. They are the ones who return this letter to the region which is defined by the English version, and in these pictures, some of them are witnesses.

If you do not feel internally that the region is strong and rich in images, with the increase in the number of pilgrims from the addict

Who are the masters of Saada, who love the camera, and take the position of the image, whitewashing the images from the problems

Where some of them are from the Midlands region, this region is free from the gold to the basins of this public. And they used their hands to drive them to the front, as they overcame all the tricks of the taqs,

The sun was rising in some of the resurrections, and the people were busy in the morning, and the water of the birds was moving and falling, but the birds of the sky were moving towards the discussion of the evils.

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>> After skimming through these two paragraphs, you can start working on this exercise:

* Exercise 1:

Read the paragraph again and answer these questions:

Fish in the area, where are some of the pilgrims?

What’s the area from which some of the visitors came from?

What hey? What is the means of transporting the pilgrims to the refugee to Shati?

What’s the transportation tool that visitors used to come to the beach?

What is the obligatory fish of the city that the pilgrims eat?

What’s the most popular meal that visitors had there?

What is the name of the bird that is usually close to the bird?

What’s the name of the bird who can be usually found by the beach?

The fish of the European country, which is golden to the pilgrims, is this region normal?

What’s the European country that the visitors of this area usually go to?

What is the vitality that the pilgrims do to you?

What’s the activity that visitors were doing there?

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* Exercise 2:

Read the following statements The summary and decide whether they’re true true or false.

Dhabd’s picture goes to the Binton area before Amin

Photographer David went to Binton two years ago.

Taqa al-Mintaqa al-Zarha north of Angla

The area is located in the North of England.

Whoever expects to be a tourist is most likely this public

The photographer expected to find more tourists this year.

The pilgrims do not want to see the pictures of them

Visitors weren’t happy for the photographer to take photos of them.

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Stay tuned for next week’s blog where I will be providing you with correct answers and a translation of the text above 😉

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