Studying the Forms of Birds in Arabic is Actually Well worth the Whistle


Studying the Forms of Birds in Arabic is Actually Well worth the Whistle

Whereas touring by way of the nations of the Center East, you will discover that Arabs actually have a love for birds. Outdoors many retailers, for instance, you will usually discover a birdcage with a canary singing in it. (By the best way, the title of the small fowl in Arabic is almost the identical as it’s in English – کناری or Kanarya.)

What’s extra, you additionally may discover that some individuals hold parrots that talk higher Arabic than you! Do not be jealous, nevertheless, as a result of after studying this weblog publish about fowl’s names in Arabic, you simply may be capable to stick with it a conversation with a ببغاء / babagha ‘ (or “parrot” in English) all by your self.

The Names of Birds in Arabic

Ever surprise what the title of a robin is in Arabic? Perhaps you want to know easy methods to say eagle in Arabic. Regardless of the case, we have you lined with our listing of Arabic fowl phrases:

English Transliteration Arabic
chick katkoot كتكوت
crow ghorab غراب
the place Hamam Toilet
duck battah بطة
ADEM tomorrow Nasr
falcon sakr صقر
finch hassun حسون
goose wazzah وزة
Hawke saqr صقر
hen dajajah دجاجة
hoopoe hodhod هدهد
nightingale 3andleeb عندليب
ostrich na3amah نعامه
owl bumah بومه
partridge Hayal حجل
peacock tawous Peacock
penguin batreeq بطريق
pheasant altadaruj Commencement
quail alssaman السمان
robin abu alhan أبو الحن
sparrow 3osfur عصفور
swallow alsonunu السنونو
swan baja3ah بجعه
turkey al-dik alrumi الدیک الرومی

Birds of a Feather

In case your 2022 New Yr’s decision is to study Arabic, they are saying: “Birds of a feather flock collectively”. (Or, in Arabic “Birds on their kinds” / “al-to’uro 3ala aškaaliha taqa3u”). Meaning Kaleela, the premier Arab studying app, is right here that can assist you hold your promise this yr. We’ll be by your facet from New Yr’s Day to New Yr’s Eve exhibiting you ways straightforward it’s to study Arabic day by day of the yr in 2022. Download the Kaleela Arabic studying app now and begin studying Arabic immediately the fitting manner.

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