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“Land of divine messages revealed to humanity, Palestine is the house nation of the Palestinian Arab folks. They’ve grown, developed and expanded there. Their nationwide and human existence was asserted there in an uninterrupted and unaltered natural relationship between the folks, their land and their historical past.”

This excerpt expresses the idea of Palestine by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish within the opening of the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, with Jerusalem because the capital, and proclaimed in Algiers by Yasser Arafat, chief of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), on 15 November, 1988.

Earlier than 1948 when the “State of Israel” was based, Palestine had already populated the minds, hearts and existence of thousands and thousands of individuals for over 6,000 years, when the primary Canaanite inhabitants arrived, members[1] of Semitic tribes from the Arabian Peninsula, fleeing a extreme drought that plagued the area. They settled close to the Mediterranean Sea within the territory that at the moment kinds Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and occupied Palestine.

With its 27,000 sq. kilometres, Palestine is a territory that, from an financial, political, spiritual and army standpoint, has a strategic location. It’s positioned on the border of Africa and Asia and could be very near Europe. Palestine owns an unlimited shoreline bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, with entry to the Purple Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the remainder of the world.

Its capital, Jerusalem, was based round 3,000 BC by the Jebusites, a Canaanite subgroup, in among the finest places in Palestine – a plateau within the Judean mountains between the Mediterranean and the Lifeless Sea. Leaders of the three monotheistic religions – Jews, Christians and Muslims – have all dominated the Holy Metropolis at one time or one other. Jews dominated the town for simply 72 years, within the biblical instances of Solomon and his son David.

Christians dominated Jerusalem for practically 400 years between the fourth and seventh centuries, and once more within the twentieth century. By then, British troops captured the capital after the settlement that disconnected Palestine from the Turkish-Ottoman Empire, which began to manage Palestine for a mandate granted by the League of Nations[2] from 1922 to 1948.

Muslims (Arabs and Turks) dominated the town for 12 centuries – from 638 to 1917 uninterruptedly – apart from the interval when the town was the capital of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, underneath the rule of Roman Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus, from 73 to 138 AD.

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Throughout its lengthy existence, Jerusalem has been destroyed at the very least two instances, besieged 23 instances, attacked 52 instances, captured and recaptured one other 44 instances. The varied United Nations Resolutions and worldwide legal guidelines don’t recognise the sovereignty of the “State of Israel” within the occupation of any a part of Jerusalem. It stays the historic and millenary capital of Palestine.[3]

Its spiritual, historic and civilisational standing is prime to Arabs, Muslims and Christians, and the world at massive. The holy locations for Muslims and Christians belong solely to the Palestinian folks, regardless of many Zionists tampering with textbooks to insist on the legend that they’re holy locations to Judaism.

Historic information abundantly display that the aggressor has been Israel, which carried out attacks against Gaza and Hamas forces in 2008/2009, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018 and Might 2021. Israel does so to legitimise the occupation, illegally increase the territory of the so-called “Jewish state” and destroy the infrastructure of Gaza, creating chaos as a method to weaken the Palestinian resistance, the suitable of Palestinians to their sovereign state and the return of refugees expelled since 1948.

Nonetheless, when researching the difficulty involving Israel and the Palestinians, an enormous quantity of knowledge is obtainable highlighting myths suggesting that the battle is spiritual, and that Israel seeks solely to make sure the suitable to defend its existence as “the one democracy within the Center East”.

This anti-Palestinian narrative is a part of Italian revolutionary Antônio Gramsci’s definition of “press as a political celebration”.[4] It is a notion by which media firms belonging to sure political, ideological and financial teams intrude within the dissemination of information with none neutrality, figuring out what, how, the place and when public opinion ought to or shouldn’t know, on this case, about Palestine.

The Palestinian resistance forces and the worldwide solidarity motion are in opposition to Israel as a colonial state occupying Palestine and subjecting its folks to the horrors of battle, colonisation and displacement, not as a result of it’s a “Jewish state”. The battle with Israel is basically political, and the Palestinians are combating for freedom and self-determination.

The knowledge delivered by the hegemonic media silences the acts of Israeli aggression whereas highlighting the response of Palestinians and their resistance organisations, implying that Palestinians are the aggressors and that Israel is simply defending itself. From these narratives, individuals are induced to see the battle not as it’s, however because the Zionist forces that personal and sponsor the mainstream media, Fb and Instagram, need it to be seen.

Amidst this complicated inner and exterior chessboard of wrestle, one factor is for certain: the Palestinian folks is not going to give a truce to Israel, which is not going to get pleasure from peace whereas holding Palestinians hostage to its racist army regime of Jewish supremacy.

So long as this oppression persists, the Palestinian folks haven’t any alternative however to withstand aggression, becoming a member of all Palestinian nationwide political forces and the worldwide solidarity motion in a joint motion to finish the Zionist colonial occupation of Palestine.

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[1]Semites are the native peoples of the north of the Arabian Peninsula. The three nice monotheistic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism – haven’t solely Jewish, however Semitic roots.

[2]The League of Nations was based on 28 April, 1919, in Versailles, Paris, by the victorious powers of the First World Warfare to barter a peace settlement. It was supported by the United Nations (UN), based on 24 October, 1945.

[3]TENÓRIO, Sayid Marcos. Palestina: do mito da terra prometido à terra da resistência. 1st ed. São Paulo: Anita Garibaldi, IBRASPAL, 2019, P. 208.

[4]GRAMSCI, Antonio. Cadernos do cárcere. Org. by Carlos Nelson Coutinho, Marco Aurélio Nogueira and Luiz Sérgio Henriques. Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian Civilisation, 2000, V. 2, P. 218.

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