Ought to A Born-Muslim Marry A Revert Muslim?  – Inside Saudi

At some point, a British Muslim revert, and a coworker proposed marriage to my good pal at her office. The person was educated, well-placed, trustworthy, and religious.

Nonetheless, her dad and mom refused. They rejected him ONLY as a result of he was a revert Muslim.

They argued he was not an acceptable match and insisted she married a born Muslim and somebody with the identical Indian nationality.

The mother or father’s refusal to permit their daughter to marry a wonderfully good revert Muslim man induced me to query the legitimacy of their determination. 

So, I made a decision to analysis the problem extra deeply, seek the advice of Islamic legislation (Sharia), ask native students (Shaikh), and discover out if, in Islam, there may be something unsuitable with born Muslims taking revert Muslim as marriage companions.  

Here’s what I realized:

By Authors Mohammed Francis & Maryam HusseinOpens in a new tab.

The Arms of Marriage

So, Ought to A Born-Muslim Marry A Revert Muslim?

Sure, born Muslims ought to marry Muslim reverts. All Muslims are brothers and acceptable for marriage no matter race, class, or coloration. Dad and mom haven’t any trigger to refuse any honest Muslim. Nonetheless, they need to conduct an in-depth background test earlier than proposing or accepting a wedding supply. 

Dad and mom really feel that marrying a revert Muslim to their son or daughter is unpredictable and dangerous. Not like born Muslims, reverts have completely different nationalities, languages, backgrounds, and cultures and have been raised by non-Muslim dad and mom. 

Following a wedding proposal, dad and mom have no idea them, are afraid their conversion to Islam might not be honest and long-lasting, and lack belief that their little children will probably be in secure palms. 

Who Is This Article For?

This text guides born Muslims to cope with marriage proposals regarding Muslim reverts. 

It first argues that oldsters mustn’t pressure their youngsters to marry born-Muslim spouses if they’ve already expressed a transparent intention to marry a revert Muslim. 

Later, it additionally gives methods to get to know a revert Muslim, recommendation about when to allow marriage, and the background checks dad and mom ought to all the time carry out earlier than deciding to tie the knot.

Desk of Contents

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  1. Why Born Muslims Should Marry Reverts
  2. Do NOT Force Your Choice Of Partners On Children
  3. Closely Consider The Marriage Intentions Of The Revert
  4. Consider The Location Of A Revert After Marriage
  5. Be Sure To Do A Complete Background Check On The Muslim Revert 
  6. Conclusion
  7. Related Questions
  8. References And Useful Links


  1. The Story of Parents Refusing Marriage Between A Born Muslim Girl And Practicing Revert Brother
  2. The Story of Sister Huda Whose Husband Failed To Revert to Islam After Marriage
  3. The Story of A Born Muslim Marrying A Muslim Woman Noting Her Poor Understanding of Islam
  4. The Story of A White Racism Breaking Up A Revert Marriage To An Ethnic Muslim Man
  5. The Story of A Sri Lankan Woman Marrying A Man 30 Years Her Senior
  6. The Love Story Of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) And Khadijah (RA) And Their 15 Year Age Difference


Usually, a revert Muslim is appropriate for marriage if she or he  

  • is dedicated
  • is actively studying
  • applies new information
  • present indicators of progress and growth
  • have good Muslim character
  • is appropriate
  • matches expectations 

1. Why Born Muslims Ought to Marry Revert Muslims

1000’s of Non-Muslims Convert To Islam Every Yr

Journey, the web, and social media have uncovered extra folks to Islam and induced 1000’s of non-Muslims to transform to Islam every year. 

A Pew research estimates that three million people will enter Islam between 2010 and 2050. Nonetheless, their conversion may have little affect on the overall variety of 2,006,931,770 Muslim worldwideOpens in a new tab..

Nation / Area Approximate Variety of Muslim Converts Every Yr
USA 20,000
UK 5,000 -6,000
Europe 200,00 – 320,000
India 12 Lakh

The Guinness Book of RecordsOpens in a new tab. estimated that 12.5 million extra folks transformed to Islam than individuals who had transformed to Christianity between 1990 and 2000.

Born Muslims Love To Marry Reverts Muslims 

Born Muslims like to marry reverts as a result of they’re higher Muslims. Their conversion is private and life-changing. They’re dedicated and educated. Reverts recognize Islam deeply in comparison with their lives as non-Muslims. 

They encourage and inspire born Muslims to be higher. For these causes, revert Muslims are an apparent marriage selection.   

To get extra proof and browse in-depth why revert Muslims could also be higher marriage companions than born Muslims, learn the Inside Saudi article Are Reverts To Islam More Religious Than Born Muslims?Opens in a new tab.

2. Do Not Pressure Your Alternative Of Companions On Your Youngsters

Dad and mom of born Muslims should not permitted to pressure their youngsters to marry folks of the identical race, nation, tribe, tradition, or social background. 

Neither ought to they refuse gives of marriage by Muslim revert males to their daughters nor reject their son’s selection of a spouse simply because she is a convert to Islam.    

Additionally it is utterly unsuitable to pressure your youngsters to marry a born Muslim of your selection just because they converse the identical language, and are of the identical race, tradition, and background. 

Islamic marriage is by consent of each the potential bride and groom. In any other case, the connection is void.

In accordance with Allah (SWT), Who Are The Finest Muslims For Marriage?

Within the Holy Quran (49:13Opens in a new tab.), Allah (SWT) offers Muslims crucial standards for marriage. 

It’s spiritual piety (Taqwa). 

O humanity! Certainly, We created you from a male and a feminine and made you into peoples and tribes so that you could be ‘get to’ know each other. Absolutely the noblest of you within the sight of Allah is essentially the most righteous amongst you. Allah is actually All-Understanding, All-Conscious.

The Holy Quran (49:13Opens in a new tab.)

Within the eyes of Allah (SWT), the most effective individual for marriage will not be essentially somebody of the identical nationality and tradition. It’s the noblest folks, essentially the most righteous, obedient, and God-fearing (Taqwa).

Additionally, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) additional warns Muslims in opposition to the inevitable unfold of trials (Fitna) and corruption within the land by refusing marriage to these with good character and faith.

Abu Hurairah (RA) relates Prophet Mohammed (SAW) saying: 

‘If there involves you one with whose character and spiritual dedication you’re happy, then marry (your daughter or feminine relative below your care) to him, for if you don’t, there will probably be Fitnah within the land and widespread corruption.’

Chapters on Marriage- Sunan Ibn Majah 1967Opens in a new tab.

Focus on The Alternative Of Marriage Accomplice With Your Son Or Daughter

Remember to talk about their marriage selections and get consent out of your youngsters or these younger folks you’re answerable for marrying.

You CANNOT rightfully stress them to be with people they don’t want to marry nor refuse for illegitimate causes.

With time, your son or daughter could comply along with your needs out of concern and uncertainty. 

Nonetheless, the wedding is not going to be completely satisfied and will result in an untold variety of trials (Fitna) and marriage issues.   

In a hadith, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) delayed responding to Ali’s (RA) marriage proposal to the Prophet’s daughter Fatimah Zahra by merely telling him, ‘If God wills (Inshallah).’

Later, he approached Fatimah to debate the proposal in search of her opinion and consent. After the discussions, Fatimah agreed, they usually (Ali and Fatimah) each married.  

Within the following Hadiths, Prophet Mohammed advises that Muslims  MUST take consent from a virgin (Bikr) or non-virgin earlier than marriage. 

Saheeh Muslim in 1419Opens in a new tab. & Sahih al-Bukhari 6968Opens in a new tab.


Revert Muslims wrestle badly to marry for a number of causes:

  • They lose their households
  • Individuals regard them as spies
  • Different Muslims are suspicious of them

Born Muslims ought to:

He says that born Muslim dad and mom refuse to marry Muslim reverts to their little children out of stubbornness and ignorant satisfaction. Solely trials (Fitna) and chaos will observe.

Story Of Dad and mom Refusing Marriage Between A Born Muslim Lady And Practising Revert Brother

‘A revert Muslim American man (33) proposes marriage to a born Filipino Muslim feminine nurse (28) working in Saudi Arabia and residing along with her dad and mom. 

The younger man formally meets the lady, her mom, her uncle, and his spouse to debate the wedding proposal. 

Her father is away from dwelling within the Philippines. 

The younger spiritual revert explains his scenario, his time in Islam of two.5 years, his historical past, and his household background to the household and waits for his or her determination. He all the time maintains a correct relationship with the lady. 

After a while, her father declares he doesn’t need his daughter to marry the revert. 

The daddy cites his younger age, lack of expertise, his newness to Islam, his Christian household, and his damaged dwelling as causes that for generations, eligible ladies within the household solely married born Muslims of the identical tradition.’

The born Muslim Filipino lady says about it:

I wished marriage with him since I’ve been praying for a righteous man, no matter race or class, offered his love for Allah is way stronger than this world (Dunya). The issue is that my father obtained offended after I advised him that I wished to do Nikah with hellom.’

An extract from the Story of A Strong Refusal of Marriage To A RevertOpens in a new tab.

3. Intently Think about The Marriage Intentions Of The Revert

Dad and mom of youngsters whose potential marriage companions are reverts ought to contemplate their faculty of Islam, marriage intentions, and causes for turning into a Muslim.

Sunni Or Shia 

Marriage to somebody from a unique faculty of Islam (Shiasm) may go however is advanced and will offend different members of the family and Muslims. 

For that reason, it’s usually a lot simpler to marry a Muslim from the identical department of Islam and college (Madhab)

A Non-Muslim Who Needs To Convert To Islam For Marriage Functions

Muslim women and men usually strike up private relationships with non-Muslims (Kaafirs) in individual or on-line. Open relations stimulate attraction and can lead to romantic love.

To keep away from any immoral conduct (Zina), a Muslim boy or lady could insist that the non-Muslim convert to Islam and comply with marriage earlier than turning into romantic. 

Nonetheless, more often than not, they don’t.  

On this case, a non-Muslim could utter the testimony of Religion (Shahadah), making them a Muslim, and don’t have anything extra to do with Islam, nor have any additional curiosity in understanding and creating their dedication to it.  

Nonetheless, one other non-Muslim could get very inquisitive about their new faith, begin exploring it, and turn into a deeply dedicated Muslim. 

1. A Non-Muslim (Kaafir) Reverts To Islam For Marriage Functions ONLY

In most romantic relationships with a Muslim boy or lady, the non-Muslim (Kaafir) solely needs to turn into Muslim to make the love relationship with a Muslim man or lady permissible (Halal).

They might additionally not care concerning the potential partner and solely need marriage for a visa, passport, or work functions. Be particularly vigilant and TAKE CARE!

In these instances, their intention is merely to pay lip service to the pronouncement of the Islamic testimony of religion (Shahada) that ends in conversion with the only real objective of getting married and having fun with a sexual relationship.

After marriage, the observe of Islam has no place, and the couple continues life in a state of disbelief and ignorance as in the event that they have been non-Muslims (Kufr).

Nonetheless, in some instances, the non-Muslim companion will probably be eager about assembly different Muslims and studying extra about Islam. 

This new curiosity in Islam develops into elevated religion, and the person turns into a greater, extra dedicated individual than the born Muslim they initially married. 

The Story Of Sister Huda Whose Husband Failed To Revert to Islam After Marriage

‘Sister Huda and her husband should not born Muslims. Years earlier than, they  married as non-Muslims and had a toddler collectively.

Someday later, Sister Huda found Islam, studied the faith, and finally transformed.

She has been attempting to steer her husband to revert to Islam since then. Nonetheless, he doesn’t wish to be a Muslim and is unwilling to even strive.

Sister Huda is upset as a result of she is aware of {that a} marriage between a Muslim lady and a non-Muslim man is null and void. 

She doesn’t want to divorce her non-Muslim husband as a result of she doesn’t have a supportive household and no monetary means.

Not figuring out what to do, she seeks out a spiritual edict (Fatwa) for recommendation.’

She says:

He promised to transform for me in order that we might not need to break up, however I feel that isn’t a smart transfer.’ 

An extract kind My Husband Does Not Want To Convert To Islam. What should I do?Opens in a new tab.

2. A Non-Muslim (Kaafir) Reverts And Is Pretty New To Islam

On this case, the non-Muslim (Kafir) is new to Islam and needs to marry a born Muslim. The chance that marriage to a born Muslim will degenerate into disbelief (Kufr) could be very low.

They intend to have a wedding companion to ‘assist them’ be taught extra about Islam and to deepen their love and dedication to their newfound faith.

This type of marriage will seemingly endure as a result of the intention to marry will not be about lust however about pleasing Allah (SWT) and growing religion (Iman).

Nonetheless, a revert could surrender on being a Muslim, and return to training their former religions, particularly if there are lots of marital issues. 

For a brand new Muslim, not but effectively established in Islam, it could be extra prudent to attend till they mature or wait earlier than providing or accepting a wedding proposal.  

The Story of A Born Muslim Wishing to Marry A New Muslim Lady And Notes Her Poor Understanding of Islam

A training born Muslim man meets and falls in love with a brand new feminine convert.

Nonetheless, after attending to know her, he discovers she has a very completely different perspective and little understanding of Islam.

Her household had deserted her way back, and he or she is bodily disabled. She requires medical consideration, and he’s keen to help her.

He confronts her concerning  her misconceptions and makes an attempt to information her with references. Nonetheless she is not going to settle for his steering and  dismisses him as overly conservative  and refuses to hear.

He believes his fiancée is attempting to modernize Islam, however is aware of little or no concerning the topic. Nonetheless, he nonetheless  needs to marry her within the hope that she’s going to change after marriage.

He says:

‘I attempted to clarify to her, giving references from Hadith, however nothing labored. She says she doesn’t need to imagine somebody simply because he’s a scholar.

An extract from Marrying A Female  Revert With A Different Understanding of Islam

3. A Non-Muslim (Kaafir) Converts To Islam And Turns into Effectively Established In The Faith

A revert who has been Muslim for a number of years is unlikely to give up training Islam and return to their former methods.

Marriage to this kind of revert will seemingly endure as a result of their intention to marry will not be superficial however based mostly on pleasing Allah (SWT) and finishing their faith (Deen).

They are going to be agency within the religion (Iman), search methods to be taught the faith and work to turn into the most effective Muslim they are often. 

They’ll respect born Muslim tradition and be taught Arabic or the language spoken by their household. 

They constantly elevate their youngsters in accordance with Islamic ideas and attempt to show them to be taught the Quran and the methods of the beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAW). 

They’ll guarantee youngsters respect their dad and mom and elders and train them to be worthwhile to the Muslim neighborhood. 

Effectively-established reverts will NEVER return to a state of disbelief (Kufr) since they’ve tasted the sweetness of religion and the deep pleasure of a life lived within the Islamic means. 

4. Think about The Location Of A Revert After Marriage

Creator Mohammed Francis and His Son, Sohaib

A Revert Residing or Coming To Dwell In Your Native Nation 

In case your son or daughter decides to marry a revert out of the country, certainly one of them has to maneuver. Both one has emigrate to a brand new nation with new folks, language, tradition, customs, costume, and residing situations. 

1. A Revert Lady In Your Native Nation 

A feminine coming to your native nation will seemingly reside within the household dwelling or separate lodging. They need to be affected person and versatile sufficient to cope with household dynamics and personalities. 

There additionally could also be a distinction within the meals, language, cultural norms, expectations, social habits, and privateness.  

For instance, a brand new bride could need to share lodging with a mother-in-law and be in every day contact along with her. She may have a number of firm within the household dwelling however not have a lot private freedom or the chance to arrange her own residence. 

She is going to should be affected person when issues come up. 

If doable, it is best to present separate lodging: a piece or an condo within the dwelling or near it, the place the younger couple could start their new life. 

The separate residing space will permit frequent visits to the family members and allow her to have her personal residence and private area.  

2. A Revert Man In Your Native Nation 

Males normally relocate for work, so until there may be a number of employment, revert males will normally not come to reside within the nation of the potential spouse. 

They’ll count on the potential bride to to migrate and reside with him in his nation.

Nonetheless, if he does relocate overseas, the transfer could also be non permanent till he finds appropriate employment and may get established. 

Failing this, he ought to return to his dwelling nation or the place he could be greatest employed.

A Muslim revert man also needs to be affected person and versatile. 

To thrive, he may additionally be taught the native language, get together with others and be taught to adapt to social and cultural norms.    

Story Of A White Racism Breaking Up A Revert Marriage To An Ethnic Muslim Man

‘A white Christian lady and an ethnic Muslim man develop a relationship, fall in love, and want to marry. 

Her household agrees that she will marry a Muslim man as a result of she is a lady of the folks of the ebook.

Nonetheless, the parents in his ethnic Muslim neighborhood count on him to marry somebody who speaks the identical language and shares the identical faith and customs.

The white Christian lady decides to find out about Islam, goes to the mosque, research the faith, and finally converts to Islam to get married. 

Nonetheless, her household nonetheless doesn’t settle for her, and the couple unhappily go their separate methods.

The lady will not be resentful however does really feel the choice is racist and discriminatory. ‘

She says: 

The neighborhood anticipated somebody from the identical tradition as him who spoke the identical language, understood the faith, and will prepare dinner his meals.

An excerpt from a brief private story, Reverts Face Discrimination In MarriagesOpens in a new tab.

3. A Born Muslim Emigrating To Dwell Lengthy-term In The Nation Of A Revert Muslim

Emigration to a brand new nation, with new folks, language, tradition, customs, costume, and residing situations, is usually a actual problem. 

Adapting is troublesome and painful for anybody, particularly throughout the first few years.

A born Muslim residing in a brand new (non-Muslim) nation with a revert Muslim and her household must make private compromises. 

Within the West, {couples} do not need to reside with their in-laws. Doing so is odd. 

A newcomer to a rustic ought to be taught a brand new language, tradition, and social and cultural norms and tolerate life in a non-Muslim setting. For instance, they may seemingly confront racist, Islamophobic prejudice. 

It could even be problematic to cope with non-Muslims at work. 

As well as, the household are seemingly not Muslims and may have completely different costume codes, outlooks, and attitudes regarding relationships and sexuality.  

In some European international locations (France particularly), sporting an Islamic headdress (Hijab) and face veil (Niqaab) is a prison offense. 

They may also meet obstacles when in search of employment, faculties, or neighborhood teams.

If doable, make sure you reside in or near a supportive Muslim neighborhood. If there aren’t any Islamic faculties, get youngsters entry to Islamic schooling and social teams on the native mosque or neighborhood facilities. 

Guarantee you could have a great web connection at dwelling to maintain the traces of communication open with the born Muslim household in different international locations and to develop deeper relationships with spouses and kids. 

4. A Born Muslim And Revert Partner Residing Overseas Out Their Personal Nations

Typically, a married couple decides to reside in a rustic the place neither is a nationwide. 

For instance, I reside and work in Saudi Arabia, however neither I nor my spouse are Saudi nationals. 

The possibilities of us acquiring Saudi nationality are slim, although immediately is solely doable. 

Nonetheless, the necessities are strict. 

To be taught the varied methods and the paperwork it’s essential to get Saudi citizenship, click on to learn: The Complete (Insider) Guide To Obtaining Saudi CitizenshipOpens in a new tab..

In any case, newcomers should get visas, discover appropriate employment and lodging, be taught a brand new language, make new pals, and arrange within the nation. 

There might also be variations in tradition within the dwelling between the born and revert Muslim companions. 

If the couple settles in a Non-Muslim nation, they may expertise racial and Islamophobic prejudice. 

And, until they go to their dwelling international locations, their youngsters will solely get to expertise life in a non-Muslim nation and wrestle to develop correct Islamic values and methods. 

Being near a mosque and a supportive Islamic neighborhood is important. Integration in a non-Muslim society that isn’t your individual normally takes longer.  

The Story Of A White Revert Sister And Challenges After Marrying A Born Muslim Malay

‘I’m a white revert who met my Asian husband (from Malaysia) in faculty within the UAE whereas visiting for a seminar. 

At first, I by no means thought-about our backgrounds and cultural variations. Nonetheless, shortly after my marriage, I relocated completely to the UAE, which was initially overwhelming. 

I used to be unfamiliar with Arab tradition and setting and couldn’t converse Arabic.  My husband speaks Arabic and English fluently, so language was by no means a problem. 

Nonetheless, adjusting to the work setting, ideas, and customized costume codes took time. Sporting an head scarf (Abaya) will not be obligatory. however is Islamically applicable.

Adjusting to the new local weather, delicacies, and other people was troublesome. 

My husband had lived within the UAE together with his household for a very long time. He helped me be taught the languages (Malay and Arabic), modify, and match into my new setting.

Not solely did I’ve to adapt to a brand new nation, however I additionally needed to get used to his Malaysian household.  Their customs, methods, means, habits, and norms differ from Western ones.

We initially spent ten months aside after our marriage as a result of I needed to work on my immigration and visa. 

It was troublesome, however now I’ve hassle lacking my fast household. Being so removed from dwelling makes it troublesome to go to them incessantly.

It was a steep studying curve, however Alhamdulillah, with the assistance of my encouraging husband, his beneficiant household, and the type folks, I accepted and slot in.

Though I nonetheless have struggles, I’m nonetheless making progress.’

A True Story By Creator Maryam HussainOpens in a new tab.

5. Be Positive To Do A Full Background On The Muslim Revert

Dad and mom ought to conduct a radical background search earlier than deciding to reject or go forward with marriage to a revert Muslim. 

They need to research character, age, household, employment, dedication to Islam, and medical, sexual, and prison historical past. 

The Character Of A Revert

A job, place, and cash assist significantly. It meets your wants and offers consolation. Nonetheless, many rich households reside impoverished, depressing, sad lives. 

Their wealth has not made them completely satisfied in any respect. Actually, with out deep religion (Iman), cash and a social place will seemingly trigger them ongoing ache and frustration. 

Within the eyes of Allah (SWT), the most effective individual for marriage will not be essentially somebody of the identical nationality and tradition with a related household and cash. 

It’s the noblest folks, essentially the most righteous, obedient, and God-fearing (Taqwa). The Holy Quran (49:13Opens in a new tab.)

If the revert has these qualities AND is enjoyable, refusing them in marriage for somebody much less spiritual however with extra money and standing will result in inevitable trials (Fitna), misery, and corruptionOpens in a new tab..  

When younger folks marry sincerely for the sake of Allah (SWT), He blesses the wedding and produces good for them. 

I do know this to be for a lot of Muslim households, and it actually has been the case in my marriage and life.

The Age Of A Revert 

Individuals say age is only a quantity, and it’s true. Usually, although, girls want older males, and males all the time like youthful girls. 

The preferences relate to security and safety for ladies and fertility for males. Nonetheless, a suitable age distinction is no matter you would like it to be.  

Nonetheless, older males are usually extra settled, calmer, and fewer impulsive. Youthful girls are sexually extra enticing and fascinating to males.  

Concerning marriages between born and revert Muslims, I counsel an age distinction of as much as fifteen years or to somebody of the identical technology. 

An age hole of fifteen years will not be socially acceptable in lots of societies, but it surely occurs.

Nonetheless, age will not be a sport changer, however the couple ought to at the very least be bodily, emotionally, and intellectually appropriate.    

The Story Of A Sri Lankan Lady Marrying A Man 30 Years Her Senior

‘My identify is Sameera. I reside in Piliyandala, a suburb 18 km south of Colombo in Sri Lanka. I’m married and have seven youngsters; three from my first marriage and 4 from the second. 

As we speak, I’m 40 years outdated, and my husband is 72. There’s a 32-year age hole, however I’ve by no means felt happier. 

You see, my first husband was offended and abusive. He usually beat and bruised me. I hated him. He was a financial institution supervisor and all the time drunk. It obtained so dangerous that I needed to divorce him. He left me with three youngsters and no monetary assist.

Fifteen years in the past, Mohammed, aged 57, noticed me and provided marriage. 

He already had one spouse and three youngsters. Everybody stated Mohammed was a great man. He works as an workplace supervisor.

My household and pals advised me to refuse his supply as a result of we have been 32 years aside. They made such a fuss and tried exhausting to cease me. I believed lengthy and exhausting about Mohammed and determined to marry him anyway. 

My mom was upset, and my father tried a number of instances to persuade me to not marry him. In spite of everything, I used to be solely 25, and he was outdated at 57. 

They argued I may discover somebody youthful and extra appropriate. 

Nonetheless, I sat down and chatted with Mohammed and located him to be an trustworthy Muslim man. He has a great household, a steady job, and is spiritual. 

Regardless of the age distinction, I married him anyway. 

Fifteen years later, we’re nonetheless fortunately married and have 4 youngsters collectively. Mashallah, I don’t remorse my determination in any respect.’ 

  A True Story By Creator Maryam HussainOpens in a new tab.

The Love Story Of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) And Khadijah (RA) And Their 15 Yr Age Distinction

‘Top-of-the-line love tales in Islam is that of the Prophet (SAW) and his beloved first spouse, Khadija (RA). She was fifteen years older than Mohammed. 

They’d six youngsters and lived a cheerful life. 

Khadijah was his spouse, intimate pal, and smart counselor. After she died, the Prophet was grief-stricken. He referred to as that point the yr of sorrow.

Their age distinction proves that connection and chemistry matter most of all.’

A True Story By Creator Maryam HussainOpens in a new tab.

A Revert Muslim’s Household 

Discover out in case your potential revert Muslim companion is who they are saying they’re. 

Examine their ID playing cards and passports. 

As well as, find out about a revert Muslim’s fast household, dad and mom, brothers and sisters, work, spiritual background, personalities, and status in the neighborhood.

Verify how they really feel about Islam and having a revert Muslim within the household.  Make sure they are going to be there to assist you throughout the exhausting instances and conflicts. 

Discover out in case your potential husband or spouse is prepared to go it alone when there is no such thing as a assist from the household. 

Ought to the potential revert have youngsters, find out about any commitments to former spouses and relationships with their youngsters which may negatively affect your marriage sooner or later. 

A Revert Muslim’s Work Scenario

If the revert works lengthy hours, travels incessantly, and spends all hours on the job, your relationship is certain to endure. 

They might even be feeling pressured and undervalued. 

Learn how they regard their work, the hours, duties, and prospects, and the way a lot time and a spotlight they may be capable of give to the wedding every day. 

Additionally, calculate that their wage is sufficient to assist opening a brand new dwelling, meals, family payments, mortgage, all of the bills, infants, and kids and may meet the household’s wants and needs. 

A Revert Muslim’s Dedication To Islam 

We mentioned the subject in-depth earlier within the article. Nonetheless, guarantee additionally that the revert Muslim understands the basics of the Islamic faith, correct household values, manners, and behaviors. 

If the couple has completely different backgrounds and cultures, be certain they’ve the openness, flexibility, and understanding to just accept and cope with your loved ones, cultural variations, and peculiarities. 

A Revert Muslim’s Medical, Sexual, And Prison Historical past

Medical Historical past

Get a duplicate of their medical information to analyze any well being points which will show problematic in your marriage. 

The Muslim revert could have beforehand used medication that produced blood issues or contagious ailments. 

They might even have had sexual relations with a number of companions, so it’s vital to find out if they’re freed from sexually transmitted ailments. 

Your future companion could inadvertently go these ailments on to you and your youngsters.

Sexual Historical past

If doable, find out about their earlier intercourse lives and preferences, about heterosexual or gay relations.  

Relying on the person, there’s a chance that they could wish to marry solely to have youngsters or to cover their homosexuality from society and household. 

Try their marital standing, whether or not they have a non-Muslim companion with whom they’re nonetheless courting, married to, or have beforehand divorced.

To marry a just lately divorced feminine revert, it is best to be sure that she has accomplished the ready (Iddah) of 4 lunar months and ten days. 

This ready interval is in case of pregnancies earlier than your marriage to her. 

Discover out if the revert partner has earlier love relationships which might be nonetheless ongoing. 

Ask if there are any private or monetary commitments to an ex-wife, husband, or companion associated to property or youngsters.

Fathers and moms have visiting rights that necessitate that they proceed to be repeatedly within the lives of youngsters .

Visitation rights would possibly trigger interference in your marriage position and parenting of youngsters.

Guarantee you realize about any unfinished enterprise of the center, together with emotions of affection and every other former romantic commitments.

If a revert marries a born Muslim, they’re unlikely to be concerned in any love relationship however could have earlier engagements or ongoing ties.

A Revert Muslim’s Prison Historical past 

Request a Police Clearance Certificates to know in case your revert partner has a earlier prison report.

Previous prison information could restrict employment alternatives, make it troublesome to lease an condo, limit enrollment of youngsters in faculties, and hinder journey to different international locations for immigration, visits, and tourism. 

Request an official Certificates or Letter of No Objection letter to make sure they aren’t nonetheless legally married and to keep away from future authorized problems.


A born Muslim and a revert Muslim (bride and groom) sincerely want to marry. Nonetheless, the dad and mom and the neighborhood oppose the match as a result of 

  • one is revert Muslim
  • their household is NOT Muslim


  • Abu Bakr (RA) was a revert Muslim.
  • Omar Ibn Al Khattaab (RA) was a revert Muslim.
  • Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (RA) was a revert Muslim.
  • The Prophet’s (SAW) companions have been ALL revert Muslims.
  • The tribes of Mecca and Al Madinah intermarried.

Whether it is unsuitable to marry a revert Muslim, then the Muslim nation (Ummah) would by no means have flourished. If a born Muslim needs to marry a Muslim revert, don’t oppose based mostly on the actual fact their members of the family are non Muslims. Marriage is to the person ONLY.


It’s racist when dad and mom refuse marriage to Muslim converts for his or her sons or daughters ONLY  as a result of they’re new to Islam and never of the identical race, tradition, and background.

Nonetheless, it’s comprehensible.

It’s a lot simpler and extra predictable for a born Muslim to marry one other born Muslim from the identical household or inside the local people. 

They’re secure and well-known in the neighborhood. 

Born Muslims like to create alliances with the folks and households with whom they’ve a historical past.  It’s safer, and with a lot in frequent, such unions usually tend to endure.

Nonetheless, they need to NOT use these causes for refusing marriage to acceptable spiritual revert Muslims when their son or daughter has expressed a transparent choice.

Dad and mom and household argue that reverts ought to solely marry a revert with the identical language and tradition. 

This view is un-Islamic and racist as effectively.

Selection is the spice of life. A born Muslim and a revert usually carry one thing distinctive to the connection. The combination is attention-grabbing, and it produces beautiful-looking youngsters. 

As we speak, with know-how and the web, it’s simpler than ever for younger folks of various nationalities and cultures to fulfill. 

Younger folks like the concept and 1000’s of combined marriages have resulted. 

If they’re good training Muslims, we encourage all dad and mom to contemplate a revert Muslim a wonderful marriage selection. 

How Do I Discover A Muslim Revert For Marriage? The easiest way to discover a revert spouse or husband is to ask different Muslim reverts for suggestions. They know many different Muslim reverts. As well as, ask a male or feminine brother to investigate at a mosque, Islamic lectures, and Muslim social circles. A number of Muslim revert Fb teams, Telegram teams, Boards like Quora, and marriage web sites assist reverts get married.

What Are The Advantages Of Marrying A Revert Muslim? Muslim reverts are normally honest of their Islamic observe. They search information and attempt to observe the Quran and Sunnah. They’re prepared to be taught, adapt and develop. New Muslims expertise love, freedom, and happiness in comparison with their lives earlier than Islam (Jahiliyah). Muslim converts encourage and inspire born Muslims to be higher. 

Ought to A Muslim Revert Marry Or Keep Married To A Non-Muslim? A revert Muslim ought to marry a longtime Muslim and NOT a non-Muslim. Doing so will encourage and strengthen their religion and make their spiritual life a lot simpler. Islam permits Muslim males, reverts or in any other case, to marry Jews or Christians referred to as Individuals of the E book. Nonetheless, they need to ONLY be those that imagine within the Oneness of God Allah (SWT) or (Tawheed) in Islam. Islam prohibits girls from marriage to non-Muslims. Husbands MUST BE Muslims. A reverted lady ought to persuade her non-Muslim husband to transform to Islam or divorce him. 

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