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Quite a lot of readers write to me asking about salaries in Saudi Arabia. Many have job gives and need to know if the quoted wage is adequate and whether or not it would cowl their bills throughout their keep within the kingdom. 

After all, nobody can say for positive. Our wants and circumstances differ.

So to assist making a decision, I made a decision to look into Saudi authorities statistics (GASTAT) and interview particular employers within the kingdom.

Here’s what I discovered:

So, What Is Thought of A Good Wage In Saudi Arabia?

A great wage is (a minimum of) the typical quantity for the job function, ought to meet your residing prices within the kingdom, and permit you to lower your expenses. The Saudi Labour Legislation states that overseas staff have a proper to a wage, advantages, respectable housing, transportation, 51 days of annual depart, and a return ticket dwelling.

You’ll be able to simply discover the typical salaries of jobs within the kingdom. Nevertheless, calculating your month-to-month residing bills is tough. I’ll present you these.

Creator Mohammed Francis With Panda Butcher Abdul Aali- Grocery store Employees Earn Between SR 1,200 & SR 4,000 In Saudi Arabia Per Month

What Will You Get From This Article?

On this article, I’ll information you on how one can discover the common month-to-month wage in your job function and business in Saudi Arabia.

Then, I can even examine the common salaries for Saudi and overseas nationals within the kingdom and the minimal and most quantities for every.

Lastly, I’ll present a complete breakdown of relocation setup prices and how a lot an individual or household ought to price range every month for housing and residing prices.

You should use this data to find out whether or not shifting to Saudi Arabia could be a good suggestion or that will help you renew your present work contract.

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1. Online Salary Information-Search For Jobs In Your Industry

2. Average Salaries For Saudis (Male and Female)

3. Average Salaries For Expat Workers (Male and Female)

4. Relocation, Set-up And Ongoing Monthly Expenses In The Kingdom

The next brief record of internet sites exhibits vacancies in Saudi Arabia and tells you the typical wage in your job and business. n

1. Al BaytOpens in a new tab. is a well known Saudi on-line employment database and job search. They promote positions in Arabic and English. 

Al Bayt Employment And Wage Search

There may be additionally a helpful search facility to search out out the typical salaries in your job or business. 

2. Pay ScaleOpens in a new tab. gives a customizable common wage search facility. You enter your job title, abilities, training, and years of expertise within the search field 

They may ship you a report with data on the vary and common pay in Saudi Arabia in your place and business.

The info obtained is from surveys of careers in Riyadh.

Pay Scale Permits Customized Search Wage Analysis

3GlassdoorOpens in a new tab. collects wage details about present and expired marketed jobs and positions in corporations based mostly in Riyadh. 

details about particular Saudi corporations, the roles they provide, and the estimated charges of pay when a person searches on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor Offers Wage Estimates For Saudi Arabia

4. Labour Market StatisticsOpens in a new tab. (GASTAT) gives official Saudi authorities statistics associated to employment. 

It additionally shows common salaries for Saudis and non-Saudis, exhibiting wage data in response to age teams and {qualifications}, along with a wealth of presidency knowledge about employment-related points.

Based on official statistics from the Saudi authorities (GASTAT), the typical month-to-month wage for Saudi residents is round SR 10,500.

The general public, personal, non-profit, worldwide, and regional companies are the 4 sectors used to calculate this common wage.

A: Common Salaries For Saudis (Males And Girls) Based on Sector (2018)

  • Public: SR 11,198 ($2,978)
  • Non-public: SR 7,339 ($1,951)
  • Non -Revenue Organisations: SR 4,750 ($1,263)
  • Worldwide/Regional Companies: SR 16,257 ($4,323)

The GASTAT obtains its knowledge from quarterly worker surveys carried out all through the dominion.

B: Common Salaries For Saudi Males ONLY

On common, Saudi males obtain SR 10,357 per 30 days. 

Males between the ages of 45 and 54 earn the best salaries (SR 15,054). The least quantity paid to males between the ages of 15 and 24 is SR 5,212.

C: Common Salaries For Saudi Girls ONLY

On common, Saudi ladies obtain about SR 3,000 per 30 days lower than males and take dwelling SR 7,556

Girls aged 45–54 earn the best salaries (SR 10,402). The bottom quantity (SR 4,466) is for ladies aged 15–24.


So, on common, Saudi males earn between SR 800 (for the bottom age group) and SR 5,000 (highest age group) greater than Saudi ladies.

Younger Saudi ladies and men aged 15 to 24 make about the identical cash, or SR 5,212 and SR 4,466. Males earn SR 800 greater than ladies.

Nevertheless, Saudi males obtain about SR 3,000 extra per 30 days than ladies within the 25–54 age vary, at SR 11,220 and SR 8,032, respectively.

Alex My Good friend -A Filipino – Earnings For Waiters Are About SR 2,000 Per Month For Exhaustingly Lengthy Hours On Your Ft

In distinction, the typical wage for non-Saudi residents is SR 4,469 per 30 days, in response to official statistics from the Saudi authorities (GASTAT).

The general public, personal, non-profit, worldwide, and regional companies are the 4 sectors used to calculate this common wage.

A: Common Salaries For Non-Saudis (Males And Girls) In accordance To Sector (2022)

  • Public: SR 9,883 ($2,628)
  • Non-public: SR 3, 855 ($1,025.38)
  • Non -Revenue Organisations: SR 10,600 ($2,819)
  • Worldwide/Regional Companies: SR 16,257 ($4,323)

To study precise salaries in Saudi Arabia, how they’re decided, who overseas nationals are and an summary and the impression of Saudization click on although to learn Inside Saudi’s, ‘What Are The Actual Salaries For Expats In Saudi Arabia?Opens in a new tab.

B: Common Salaries For Non-Saudi Males ONLY

Based on authorities knowledge cited by GASTAT, non-Saudi males earn a mean month-to-month wage of SR 4,469.

Males over 55 years previous obtain the best pay (SR 5,249). The bottom wage (SR 2,298 per 30 days) is for younger non-Saudis aged 15 to 24. 

C: Common Salaries For Non-Saudi Girls ONLY

Throughout all age teams, non-Saudi ladies earn roughly SR 1,500 lower than non-Saudi males, with a month-to-month take-home pay of SR 2,942

Nevertheless, non-Saudi ladies over 55 obtain the best pay (SR 3,961) of all of the age teams. The bottom quantity (SR 1,665) is for non-Saudi ladies aged 15–24.

A: By Sector 

The next desk exhibits you the variations between common salaries for Saudis and non-Saudis.

Comparability of Common Salaries For Saudis and Non Saudis By Sector  (Males and Girls)

Sector Saudi   Non-Saudi  Distinction
+ or –
Public SR 11,198 ($2,978) SR 9,883 ($2,628) -SR 1,315
Non-public SR 7,339 ($1,951) SR 3, 855 ($1,025.38) -SR 3,855
Non Revenue Organisations SR 4,750 ($1,263) SR 10,600 ($2,819) +SR 5,850
Worldwide/Regional Companies SR 16,257 ($4323.50) SR 16,257 ($4323.50) 0
All SR 9,886 ($2,630) SR10,149 ($2,700) +SR 263
Variations In Common Salaries For Saudis and Non Saudis By Sector 

On common and throughout all 4 sectors, non-Saudis earn SR 263 greater than Saudis. Compared, they earn essentially the most in non-profit organizations, incomes +SR 5,850.

Nevertheless, in the private and non-private sectors, non-Saudis earn a lot much less -SR 1,135 and -SR 3,855 respectively. 

Mohammed Adel And Creator Mohammed Francis-Salaries For Saudis Are Twice As higher Than For Expat Employees

Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Males Solely)

B: By Male Age Teams

The next desk exhibits you the variations between common salaries for Saudi and non-Saudi males throughout all age teams.

Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Males Solely)  

+ or –
15-24 SR 5,212 SR 2,298 -SR 2,327
25-34 SR 8,829 SR 3,157 -SR 5,672
35-44 SR 12,101 SR 4,738 -SR 7,363
45-54 SR 15,054 SR 4,932 -SR 10,122
25-54 SR 11,220 SR 4,428 -SR 6,792
55+ SR 9,920 SR 5,249 -SR 4,671
All Ages SR 10,357 SR 4,469 -SR 5,888
Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Males Solely)  

Based on GASTAT figures in 2022, disparities in earnings differ massively in favour of each Saudi women and men by comparability with non-Saudis.   

Throughout all age teams, Saudi males earn SR 5,888 per 30 days greater than non-Saudi males. 

The best distinction is within the 45-55 age group. Right here, Saudi males earn SR 10,122 greater than non-Saudi males. 

Nevertheless, throughout all of the age teams, wage variations are large in favour of male Saudi nationals. 

Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Girls Solely)

C: By Feminine Age Teams

Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Girls Solely)  

+ or –
15-24 SR 4,466 SR 1,665 -SR 1,665
25-34 SR 6,377 SR 2,342 -SR 2,124
35-44 SR 8,500 SR 3,392 -SR 2,985
45-54 SR 10,402 SR 3,165 -SR 5,335
25-54 SR 8,032 SR 2,991 -SR 7,411
55+ SR 7,887 SR 3,961 -SR 4,071
All Ages SR 7,566 SR 2,942 -SR 4,945
Comparability of Common Salaries By Age Group (Girls Solely)  

The disparity between common salaries for Saudi and non-Saudi ladies is way lower than for males.

Nevertheless, within the 25-54 age group, Saudi ladies earn SR 7,411 greater than non-Saudi ladies. That is the best distinction. 

Important wage disparities massively favour Saudi ladies throughout all age teams.

Comparability of Common Salaries Of Saudi And Non-Saudi Males

D: By Academic Degree 

Comparability of Common Salaries By {Qualifications}  (Saudi and Non-Saudi Males)

+ or –
None SR 3,516 SR 1,754 -SR 1,762
Kindergarten SR 4,525 SR 1,851 -SR 2,674
Main SR 5,645 SR 2,084 -SR 3,794
Low Secondary SR 6,759 SR 2,304 -SR 4,455
Higher Secondary SR 8,179 SR 2,851 -SR 5,328
Put up Secondary SR 9,958 SR 4,991 -SR 4,967
Diploma SR 9,896 SR 4,794 -SR 5,102
BA/ B.Sc. SR 12,886 SR 9,216 -SR 3,670
Grasp’s SR 20,416 SR 16,064 -SR 4,352
Ph.D. SR 27,814 SR 19,125 -SR 8,689
Complete Common SR 10,357 SR 4,469 SR 5, 911
Comparability of Common Salaries By Schooling Degree 

There are large disparities in pay scales throughout the board between Saudi and non-Saudi males by {qualifications}. 

On common, Saudi males are paid almost SR 6,000 extra per 30 days than non-Saudi males throughout all instructional ranges. 

The bottom variations are in classes None, Kindergarten, and Main, between SR 2,000 and SR 4,000 extra for Saudi males.

The largest variations are within the classes of Higher Secondary and Ph.D., the place non-Saudi males with equal instructional ranges are paid a large SR 5,500 and SR 9,000 much less.

Abdul Aziz And Creator Mohammed Francis – Saudi Petroleum Technicians Get Excessive Salaries, Housing And A Host Of Nice Advantages

Comparability of Common Salaries Of Saudi And Non-Saudi Girls

E: By Schooling Degree 

Comparability of Common Salaries By {Qualifications} (Saudis and Non-Saudi Girls) 

+ or –
None SR 1,754 SR 1,405 -SR 2,954
Kindergarten SR 1,851 SR 1,293 -SR 3,019
Main SR 4,484 SR 1,536 -SR 2,949
Low Secondary SR 4,560 SR 1,611 -SR 2,949
Higher Secondary SR 4,754 SR 1,786 -SR 2,968
Put up Secondary SR 7,840 SR 4,935 -SR 2,905
Diploma SR 8,059 SR 3,069 -SR 4,990
BA/ B.Sc. SR 8,734 SR 6,517 -SR 2,217
Grasp’s SR 11,500 SR 12,522 +SR -722
Ph.D. SR 23,748 SR 15,211 -SR 8,537
Complete Common SR 7,566 SR 2,942 -SR 4,624
Comparability of Common Salaries By {Qualifications} (Saudis and Non-Saudi Girls) 

There are additionally important variations in pay scales between Saudi and non-Saudi ladies by qualification. 

On common, Saudi ladies are paid almost SR 4,500 extra per 30 days than non-Saudi ladies throughout all instructional ranges. 

The bottom variations are in all the primary six classes, with about SR 3,000 extra wage for Saudi ladies. 

The largest variations are within the classes of Diploma (SR 5,000) and Ph.D. (SR 8,537), the place non-Saudi ladies with equal instructional ranges are paid considerably much less. 

My Lovely Good friend Sabir From The USA – UK, USA And Canadian Instructor Salaries Round SR 12, 000 Per Month With Advantages.


A: Earlier than You Depart For Saudi Arabia

  • Prices of Interval of Unemployment
  • Closing Down Your Residence Bills
  • Promoting Belongings (Automobile, private gadgets)
  • Certificates Attestations
  • Flights
  • Work Visa
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical Certification
  • Any Vaccinations

B: Simply After You Land In Saudi Arabia

  • Medical
  • Residency Allow (Iqama
  • Housing Hire
  • Residence Furnishing 
  • Yearly Iqama Renewals
  • Automobile Buy
  • Annual College Charges
  • College Transport

C: Ongoing Expenditure 

  • Utilities
  • Electrical energy
  • Web
  • Petrol and Upkeep
  • Home-Keeper/ Cleaner/ Driver 
  • Meals
  • Garments
  • Journeys/Vacation Expenditure

D: Authorities Charges

  • Expat Levy
  • Enterprise Levy 
  • Residency Allow (Iqama) Renewals
  • Iqama Renewals
  • Exit – Reentry Visas

The next is a complete record of the relocation and month-to-month bills for an individual or household who involves Saudi Arabia to reside and work.

Kindly take into account the price of every merchandise earlier than you agree and signal the job provide settlement. As a lot as potential, I’ll attempt to present actual or approximate expenditure quantities so that you can use in your calculations.

The employer will often meet the hiring prices, comparable to work visas, medical examinations, and annual / biannual flights to and from Saudi Arabia. 

They might additionally ask you to pre-pay your self for a piece visa, medical examinations, and a flight out to Saudi Arabia, a typical underhanded tactic.

Don’t ever try this. You might be unlikely to get your a refund, or it’s possible you’ll solely get a part of it.

If you happen to’re fortunate, your new employer gives you free housing upon arrival, cowl your kids’s faculty bills, presumably present meals, and canopy housing utilities.

The entire value of hiring and ongoing expenditure will rely in your work standing (single or household), the ultimate contract settlement, and your individual private circumstances. 

Creator Mohammed Francis With Latest Group Of Undergraduates At A Saudi Faculty
  • Interval of Unemployment
  • Closing Down Your Residence
  • Promoting Belongings (Automobile, private gadgets)
  • Certificates Attestations
  • Work Visa
  • Medical Certification
  • Any Vaccinations

Except your future employer arranges it, any extra bills can even must be paid to brokers to make functions for the next gadgets.

Charges – Approximate Quantities

  • Work Visa, SR 6,400
  • Well being Insurance coverage SR 450
  • Certificates Attestations, SR 2,000
  • Medical Examination SR 2,000

Bear in mind, an employment provide letter to work in Saudi Arabia is NOT a contract settlement. It solely serves as a pre-agreement that outlines your obligations and the phrases and circumstances.

You’ll signal the precise work contract after you arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding you might be within the kingdom and fewer prone to refuse, employers usually use this chance to alter the phrases and circumstances of the ultimate model of the work contract they need you to signal.

They might resolve to shift the purpose posts by reducing the wage, denying some advantages, including additional clauses, or omitting sure agreed circumstances.

My Employer Denied Me Furnished Housing

For instance, my new employers didn’t change the agreed-upon wage. They had been unable to supply my household and I with furnished housing, regardless of their pre-agreement dedication.

As a substitute, they gave me an lodging allowance or two sums of cash paid each six months to hire privately.

Sadly, at the moment, demand for housing within the metropolis was large, rental costs had been excessive, and there was little or no high quality housing nonetheless obtainable. 

Attributable to greater than regular rental fees, the housing allowance was not sufficient to cowl the yearly hire. I needed to pay out of pocket for the remaining quantity.

Additionally, the system in Saudi Arabia is to provide landlords a yr’s hire upfront. So, annually when the housing hire was due, I needed to discover an extra six months’ value of cost till my employer reimbursed me six months later within the yr.

My New Employer Tried To Drive Me To Signal

After I arrived in Saudi Arabia, I signed my work contract. My employer, nonetheless, insisted that I signal a separate doc giving them the appropriate to fireside me if I didn’t current any letters of verification of prior employment.

It might have been virtually unattainable to do this now that I used to be within the kingdom as a result of they hadn’t requested me earlier than I left my nation.

After all, I refused and instructed them to fireside me straight away as an alternative.

In the long run, they didn’t insist that I signal the additional paper, and I continued to work for twenty years in the identical job with out points.

Panoramic View Of Fanateer Mosque, Jubail
  • Second Medical
  • New Residency Allow (Iqama
  • Housing Hire
  • Residence Furnishing 
  • Automobile Buy

Instantly after touchdown, you’ll want to finish a slew of paperwork together with your new employer, do one other medical examination, and acquire a brand new residency allow (Iqama).

A rep known as a authorities relations official or Mandoob will information you thru the method and do a lot of the working spherical to and again from the native Immigration Workplace (Jawazaat).

Your organization ought to pay for all of those companies and paperwork.

Nevertheless, my firm kindly let me pay the the preliminary SR 500 residency allow price and proceed to let me pay for subsequent renewals-also costing SR 500 that features my household and I.

Housing Rents

Your organization will doubtless home you totally free on an expat compound or present alternate housing. The usual of lodging will rely on the amount of cash your organization is keen to fork out for housing.

Single individuals often get shared lodging and households a housed individually in household unit, homes or flats.

Within the personal sector, rents for single persons are about SR 500 – SR 700 per 30 days for a room in a shared home or flat.

Rents for household models value a minimal of SR 1,000 month-to-month and might attain upwards of SR 6,000 for premium furnished lodging.

Nevertheless, a primary three bedroomed flat in any Saudi city or metropolis will value about SR 2, 000 per 30 days unfurnished.

Shopping for Family Furnishings

If our firm doesn’t present furnishings in your unit, you will have to purchase it your self. In the present day, you may simply spend SR 40,000 on sofas, beds, cabinets, AC models, fridge, cooker and different home items.

The way in which to scale back the price of establishing your new house is to purchase second hand gadgets.

There are lots, I repeat loads of methods you should purchase any sort of second hand furnishings in your dwelling.

Each day, many expats are leaving Saudi Arabia and second hand family items are plentiful and cheaper than they’ve ever been.

Many foreigners use expatriates.comOpens in a new tab. to promote and purchase every thing they want. Additionally, you will discover Friday outside flea markets (Sooq Al Kharaj) in most cities and cities the place you should purchase sofas, chairs, beds, cabinets, units of drawers, curtains, kitchenware, blankets even gadgets you by no means thought you wanted.

Costs for second hand gadgets are 50%-70% cheaper than new.

Shopping for A Automobile

Firms should present workers a transport allowance or a automobile to get to and from work. Nevertheless, if it’s essential purchase a automobile the favored and broadly manufacturers are American, Japanese and Korean fashions.

In the present day, Chinese language automobile manufactured vehicles are on the rise. Additionally, spare components are straightforward to get and and low cost to acquire.

Sadly, Indian and European vehicles aren’t well-known, and spare components for them are costly and tough to acquire.

Fortunately, second hand vehicles will be sourced on-line or on the weekly automobile market in your native city or metropolis. For a fee, sellers often Yemeni nationals promote them on behalf of sellers.

While you arrive on the weekly automobile market which are sometimes situated subsequent to the brand new automobile showrooms, the sellers will strategy you with gives to promote your automobile.

Today, automobile costs are very low. To know the costs, verify on-line at web sites comparable to expatriates.comOpens in a new tab. to match manufacturers, fashions and costs.

Creator Mohammed Francis With A Ford Crown Victoria- Spare Components For American Vehicles Are Low cost And Plentiful In Saudi Arabia

C. Ongoing Month-to-month Spends

  • Utilities
  • Web
  • Petrol and Upkeep
  • Home-Keeper/ Cleaner/ Driver 
  • Electrical energy
  • Meals
  • Garments
  • Journeys/Vacation Expenditure

It was low cost, however as of late working a house in Saudi Arabia is simply as expensive as anyplace else on this planet.

Electrical energy payments have tripled lately, gasoline costs have elevated by 500% and grocery store payments are greater than three time the quantities I used to pay in 2005.

Nevertheless, there are a loads of gives, reductions and three for two offers. VAT on each buy has been 15% because it was launched in 2018.

Grocery store payments are about SR 500 plus per week for a small household and fewer for a single individual.

Petrol is presently SR 2.33 a litre for 95 grade. A full tank for a big automobile will value SR 130 on the petrol pump.

D. Pay Authorities Charges

  • Expat Levy
  • Enterprise Levy 
  • Residency Allow (Iqama) Renewals
  • Iqama Renewals
  • Exit – Reentry Visas

Each overseas worker working within the personal sector should pay the expat levy cost of SR 400 per 30 days for each dependent member of the family through on-line banking.

Annual Prices of Expat Levy

  • 1 individual prices SR 4,800
  • 2 individuals value SR 9,600
  • 3 individuals value SR 14,400
  • 4 individuals value SR 19,200
  • 5 individuals value SR 24,00
  • 6 individuals value SR 28,800

The federal government additionally fees corporations a Enterprise levy for every expat employee employed. It’s a comparable punitive quantity.

To resume a Residency Allow (Iqama) is SR 650. Exit – Reentry charges are SR 200 per individual for 3 months and SR 100 for every month additional.

Salaries In Saudi Arabia – Al

Average Salaries In Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaOpens in a new tab. – Pay Scale

Pay Estimates For Companies In RiyadhOpens in a new tab. – Glassdoor

What Is The Average Monthly Salary In Saudi Arabia?Opens in a new tab. – GASTAT

GASTAT: Saudi Workers Monthly Average WagesOpens in a new tab.– KSA Gov stats 

The Differences Between Saudi and Non-Saudi WagesOpens in a new tab. – Solvait

Labor Force GATSAT StatisticsOpens in a new

KSA Salary Guide 2022Opens in a new tab.-Skilled Recruitment 

Salam Allekum! Hello there! Thanks for studying. Contact the Editor Mohammed Francis at [email protected] with any questions or queries.

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