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I visited the Haram Mosque in Mecca for my very first Umrah. I seen plenty of cats there. They’re all over the place. Nevertheless, nearly all of them are fairly tame. I noticed many cats subsequent to the Kabaa and on all the degrees. I 

I used to be curious to search out out why there are such a lot of cats there. So, my curiosity led me to ask why. I went to talk to officers on the Haram mosque Admin workplace. The next is what I found. 

Saudi Policemen Giving Zam ZAm Water To A Cat In The Haram Mosque

So, Why Are Cats So Welcome Inside The Haram Mosque In Mecca? 

Cats are thought of to be clear and pure in Islam. Cats don’t invalidate prayers. Even the meals cats eat is permissible (Halal) and Muslims can carry out ablutions (Wudhu) from the water they drink. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) owned a pet cat named ‘Muezza’.

Islam claims that cats aren’t impure (Najis). It’s doable to eat from the vessel {that a} cat has eaten out of. As well as, an individual may also carry out ablution (Wudhu) utilizing the identical water {that a} cat has drunk type. 

I used to be additionally shocked to be taught that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) had a cat himself.

Why Islam Considers Cats Clear

Cats typically lick themselves to maintain their fur coats clear. They do that by distributing the pure oils throughout their fur. Their tongues are designed to do that very nicely. 

Islamic historical past narrates tales that depict cats as pure and clear animals. 

One can pray with a cat round with out worrying about their prayers being invalidated. Most cats quietly sit subsequent to the particular person praying with out inflicting any disturbance.

A Hadith narrates a couple of lady bringing some type of meals to Aisha (RA), the spouse of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). She (RA) was performing her prayer (Salah). 

She gestured to the lady to place down the meals. The very second, a cat approached the vessel and ate from it. After finishing her prayer, Aisha (RA) ate from the exact same vessel. 

Abu Dawood narrated, “A girl poured water for a person to carry out ablution (Wudhu). A cat drank water from it. He went on to carry out his ablutions (Wudhu) from the identical water.‘ 

He instructed the lady, ‘’The Messenger of Allah (SAW) mentioned, They (cats) aren’t impure (Najis), quite they’re amongst those that go round amongst you (Al-Tawwaafeena ‘Alaykum).”

These Hadith point out that Islam considers cats to be clear, pure, and permissible (Halal). 

Cats In Islamic Hadiths 

I learn so many stunning and heart-warming tales about cats within the Islamic Hadith. Additionally, the phrase cat seems seven instances in 5 Hadiths of the Sahih Al Bukhari translation. 

My favourite describes how Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was as soon as preparing for his prayers. All of a sudden, he noticed his favourite cat referred to as Muezza sleeping on one of many sleeves of his gown. 

Prophet Muhammed (SAW) didn’t disturb Muezza, however took a pair of scissors and reduce the a part of the sleeves the cat had been sleeping on. 

Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) companion Abu Huraira was referred to as by this identify due to the love and affection he had felt in the direction of cats. 

One Hadith additionally narrates that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was seen giving sermons with cats on his lap. 

A Stray Cat Having fun with The Cool Tiled Flooring Round The Kaaba Courtesy of Hafiz Saeed Al Hashmi

What Do The Cats In The Haram Mosque Do? 

Most cats roam freely contained in the mosque. They don’t hassle the individuals until they’re troubled. I noticed some youngsters chasing a cat. My eyes adopted them all over the place. Surprisingly, the cat didn’t assault any of them, quite it sprinted as distant as doable.

There have been plenty of cats mendacity down subsequent to individuals as they supplied their prayers or learn the Holy Quran.

The individuals additionally appeared to be peacefully having fun with their firm. Some cats loved the contact of people whereas some run away as quickly as they see one.

Generally, cats hunt for prey contained in the Haram MosqueYou would possibly even see them your self at some point. 

They catch rodents and birds. 

Additionally, you will see cats looking for meals in garbage bins or among the many meals leftovers. 

In the event you sit to have a meal or snack within the Haram Mosque, you’re positive to have some surprising friends.

It may be mentioned that the cats which might be there contained in the mosque are innocent. 

How Do Muslims React And Typically Deal with Them? 

I noticed pilgrims and mosque guests feeding the cats. In addition they pet them and permit them to come back shut. I additionally noticed one man cleansing a cat’s face that had black marks on it. 

On chilly winter nights, the employees contained in the Haram Mosque present these cats with heat blankets to sleep on. 

Additionally, the pilgrims make their contribution by donating their outdated garments to maintain these cats heat. 

As humorous because it sounds, you will notice some DIY cat shelters in some corners of the Haram Mosque which might be constructed by the pilgrims. One kindly particular person constructed a cat fort. 

Nevertheless, just a few Muslims imagine cats are unclean (Najis). They don’t appear to know in regards to the Hadith stating that cats are pure animals. 

I noticed a lady chasing away a cat from her praying mat. Maybe she was afraid or believed the cat’s presence would invalidate her prayers. 

The Hadiths additionally stress that Muslims needs to be variety to all animals. 

Haji Abdul Rahman Bagura Enjoying With A Pleasant Haram Mosque Cat

How Do Cats Pee And Poo Inside The Haram Mosque? 

In fact, cats don’t defecate within the mosque. It’s straightforward for them to enter and exit. So, they discover waste floor outdoors the mosque and do their enterprise there.  

They like soil, to allow them to cowl up their mess.   

In any case, there are cleaners within the Haram Mosque who can care for any accidents.  

Danger of An infection From Cat Illnesses

Cat feces may cause illnesses like Toxoplasmosis. Nevertheless, the possibilities of pilgrims getting contaminated are slim since there may be lively cleansing personnel there.    

If you’re within the Haram Mosque and uncover any cat feces, please inform the cleansing workers, and they’ll care for it immediately. 

What To Do If A Cat Bites? 

There have been just a few incidents on the mosque the place youngsters have been scratched again by the cats within the Haram Mosque

There’s first support offered on the mosque, so you needn’t be frightened. You will get medical help on the Haram Emergency Heart 1

The primary support middle is provided with all the fashionable medical gear and a staff of docs and nurses are on name to offer you medical consideration twenty-four hours a day.  

Ask any of the mosque safety guards to information you there. 

Remedy For Scratches or Cat Bites In The Haram Mosque

Most cat assaults are scratches, not bites. As such, they aren’t main accidents. In that case, you need to clear the wound to scale back the danger of an infection.  

If you’re scratched severely or bitten by a cat within the Haram Mosque make sure you clear the wound utilizing cleaning soap instantly. 

Subsequent, you need to apply an antiseptic cream.  

I seen that furry cats fascinate youngsters. I like to recommend that you simply at all times have antiseptic cream useful. It’s at all times higher to be totally ready!

A Cat Resting within the Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca, just some hundred ft from the Kabaa


Cats are at all times welcome within the Haram Mosque. Muslims like to see them as they go across the Kaaba (Tawaaf) and contained in the prayer areas.

Cats are clear and pure, Islam teaches us that.    

Generally, Muslims adore cats. They deal with them kindly as a result of Islam instructs us to behave kindly in the direction of all residing issues. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) owned a cat referred to as Muezza.

In Islam, the mistreatment of animals is a significant sin. Contained in the Haram Mosque, pilgrims deal with cats nicely.  

Presently, the cats proceed to stay contained in the Haram Mosque as residents.

What different animals are permitted to be within the Haram Mosque? Aside from cats, you can see plenty of birds, locusts, and houseflies.

Can you’re taking your pet to the Haram Mosque? Aside from cats, no different pet animals are permitted contained in the mosque. 

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