Arabic Language Weblog Colloquial phrases: Arabic vs. Arabic English (2)

Final week, we began taking a look at fashionable English colloquial phrases Phrases and the Arabic equal to them, each Customary and spoken Arabic (a rage of dialects). Final week, we seemed on the first eight. We’ll study the opposite 8 in immediately’s put up.

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* To refresh your reminiscence, you’ll be able to go to final week’s post to examine what colloquial phrases are.

Beneath, you can find a listing of English colloquial phrases and their equal in Customary Arabic and Spoken Arabic (Levantine / Syrian Arabic is usually used), alongside the literal that means المعنى الحرفي of the Arabic one (whether it is translatable and whether it is totally different from the English one).

* For some phrases, there’s one widespread phrase that’s utilized in most Arabic dialects. Thus, right here, I’ll add Most اللهجات “Most dialects” – earlier than the Arabic phrase.

Let’s begin with the remainder of the colloquial phrases.

* Don’t forget to hearken to the audio to find out how every is pronounced.

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Learnt it by coronary heart

الصصحى: Shield your coronary heart from midday

I memorized it from the again of a coronary heart:The literal that means

الججة السورية: Your safety

* The literal that means right here shouldn’t be translatable however the phrase “BASim” بسم if derived from “BASmA” بهمة, ie a “fingerprint”. Due to this fact, the supposed that means appears to be that the individual memorized it one thing as if it was copied from the supply.

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No manner!

الصصحى: مستحيل

Unimaginable:The literal that means

الججة السورية: Hair cheap

not logical:The literal that means

الججة السورية: عم تمزحي

You are joking:The literal that means

الججة السورية: ما عم صدق

I can’t imagine it :The literal that means

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He missed the boat

الصصحى: ضيَّع الفرصة

He missed the chance:The literal that means

الججة السورية: Losses / spirits on the state

He missed it on himself:The literal that means

= = = = = = = = = = = =

As soon as in a blue moon

الصصحى: نادرة الحدوث

Uncommon prevalence:The literal that means

The Egyptian God: All Finn and Finn

Every so often / occasionally:The literal that means

الججة السورية: مرة بالعمر

As soon as in a lifetime:The literal that means

الجية الليبيّة: مره في القدّاش

As soon as in a how a lot (whereas) :The literal that means

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Add insult to damage

الصصحى: زاد الطين بلّه

To make the clay extra moist:The literal that means

الججة السورية: إ جی بدو یکحلها عماها

He wished to place Kohl * on it, he made it blind:The literal that means

* Kohl is the normal Arabic model of “eyeliner”.

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الصصحى: وقحة

Impolite & direct:The literal that means

الججة السورية: عينها جقرة

Her eye is Ji2rah:The literal that means

* I should not have a literal translation for the phrase “ji2ra” however the supposed that means is that she’s impolite and can have a look at you within the face with out being embarrassed (at what she did, eg).

الججة السورية: What a reduction

She doesn’t get embarrassed:The literal that means

الجية الليبيّة: The faces are right

Her face is undamaged :The literal that means

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Being cussed

الصصحى: يُعاند

To get cussed:The literal that means

الججة السورية: يركب راسو

To experience his head:The literal that means

الججة السورية: یکبر راسو

To enlarge his head:The literal that means

الجية الليبية: يسكّر راسه

To shut his head :The literal that means

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It slipped my thoughts

الصصحى: You’re utterly

I completely forgot it:The literal that means

اٌغلب اللهجات: Rahat An Bali

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