Studying Concerning the Arabic Abjad is as Straightforward as Alif, Ba, Ta


Studying Concerning the Arabic Abjad is as Straightforward as Alif, Ba, Ta

A lot of you will have requested us about educating you the Arabic alphabet. Nevertheless, we’re sorry to let you know that it’s simply not attainable for us to do this and the reason being fairly easy, truly.  You see, the Arabic language doesn’t have an alphabet. Moderately it makes use of one thing referred to as an abjad system.

So, what’s the distinction? 

Effectively, we’ll clarify that and different issues you could learn about as, right now, we speak concerning the Arabic Abjad. So, allow us to begin, we could?

The Alphabet vs. The Abjad

There’s much more to know the distinction between an abjad and an alphabet than simply the technical half.  In truth, simply figuring out the distinction between the 2 will help you higher study to learn and write in Arabic.

Let’s begin with the alphabet first. An alphabet is a writing system by which every written character represents one unit of sound. You possibly can see examples of this in most Western languages and particularly these derived from Roman, Greek, and Cyrillic.

Then again, an abjad is a writing system that primarily makes use of consonants and will or might not use vowels. That’s, abjads largely consonants, and, whereas it’s attainable to write down vowels as properly, Arabs normally don’t. For instance, if English had been written in an Abjad, t wld lk smthng lk ths.  Because you clearly already know English, that was in all probability straightforward so that you can perceive. Nevertheless, should you needed to study the language that means, it wouldn’t be straightforward, would it not? Additional, relating to utilizing an abjad, Arabic and Hebrew are in all probability the 2 languages that most individuals are acquainted with.

The Arabic Abjad

There are 28 abjad letters within the Arabic abjad. Three of those – alif, waw, and yeh – are lengthy vowels. Nonetheless, waw, and yeh can be utilized as a vowel or constants, just like their English counterparts w and y. Apart from these three, you gained’t usually see vowels written in fashionable Arabic writing.

In the event you’re studying Arabic as a Muslim, nevertheless, you’ll discover vowels written as diacritic marks both above or beneath the abjad letters. With out these marks, pronunciation, which is essential in studying the Quran, could be very tough for Arabic learners.

So How Does All of This Assist My Arabic?

Effectively, one of the simplest ways to study to learn and write is follow studying phrases in tandem with studying their pronunciation. In the event you haven’t realized the Arabic abjad chart and the right way to pronounce every of its letters first, you’ll discover studying Arabic almost not possible. Ultimately, you’ll discover all of it begins with the Arabic abjad.

Now greater than ever, you’ll discover that studying the Arabic abjad is as straightforward as alif, ba, ta with the Kaleela Arabic Studying app. For more information on how one can download the very best Arabic studying app to your smartphone and begin studying Arabic right now, go to

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