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In Saudi Arabia, most born Muslims react with nice delight once they be taught I transformed to Islam. They are saying issues like ‘Mashallah, what a blessing that Allah selected you,’ and ‘You (reverts) are a lot better than us born Muslims.’

They see me as completely different, inspirational, and a (type of) Muslim movie star.

I’ve heard such feedback repeated so usually that I puzzled if there was reality within the widespread perception amongst born Muslims that individuals who convert to Islam are higher or extra non secular.

So I made a decision to do analysis, ask students within the kingdom, and make an analysis.

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Are Reverts To Islam Extra Non secular Than Born Muslims?

Sure, most Muslim reverts are extra non secular than born Muslims. Not like born Muslims, their conversion is private and life-changing. They’re dedicated and educated. Reverts recognize Islam deeply in distinction to their lives as non-Muslims. They encourage and encourage born Muslims to be higher.

So, on the entire, reverts are extra non secular than born Muslims. Not like the vast majority of born Muslims, conversion to Islam entails abandoning so many engaging freedoms and enjoyments. 

Most new reverts are eager to realize Islamic information and eagerly decide to the faith and a brand new lifestyle.      

Nonetheless, it’s also true that not all of them are fairly so non secular. Individuals come to Islam for a lot of completely different causes. 

For instance, many reverts grow to be Muslims solely to allow them to get married. After tying the knot, they make no additional effort to be taught or develop themselves.

Why Do Reverts Recognize Religion Extra Than Born Muslims?  

  • Reverts recognize Islam as a result of they got here onto Islam on their very own
  • Born Muslims take Islam without any consideration
  • Reverts are like somebody who sees a smartphone for the very first time of their lives

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The 4 Principal Causes Why Reverts Are Extra Non secular Than Born Muslims

1. Islam Is A Private And Life-Altering Occasion

Not like born Muslims, turning into a brand new Muslim is a life-changing dedication. It entails the choice to give up to a brand new set of non secular rules and to go away behind outdated methods.

Earlier than announcing the testimony of religion (Shahadah), Muslim reverts should suppose deeply about Allah (SWT), their beliefs regarding life and dying, and the way they’ve lived their lives to date.

After all, it’s also true that individuals born into Muslim households want to judge their dedication to Islam as they develop and develop. 

Nonetheless, essentially the most born Muslims readily admit to taking Islam without any consideration. 

They don’t all the time take into account Islamic rules in depth or dwell totally by Islamic guidelines. 

Born Muslims want the methods of the household, the prevailing tradition, customs, and traditions. 

Story-IBM Methods Administration Specialist Glenn Guzzo Discusses His Journey To Islam

My conversion to Islam occurred after I ventured out for the which means of existence and my quest to find and perceive God. Embracing Islam didn’t occur as I used to be researching the reply to the which means of life and God; it took a while. The method was arduous and in depth, and it’s persevering with.

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Faith and Society

Story-Dr. Lisa Worthing – Ph.D. in Gender Research Describes Avenues To Islam   

Though conversion is an expertise that’s distinctive to everybody, all undoubtedly bear an extended strategy of self-examination (of some sort) to embrace a brand new lifestyle and perception system.

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Faith and Society

My Stunning Brother, Muslim Revert, Sabir Abdul Latif – Muslim Jail Chaplain

2. Reverts Are Dedicated And Extra Educated

Muslim reverts love to hunt information concerning the Islamic faith by learning the Quran and Hadith. They do it to get nearer to Allah (SWT) and his creation. 

Nonetheless, born Muslims are usually not so motivated to check and be taught Islam. The bulk are inclined to take lots of issues without any consideration. 

For instance, Muslim converts prefer to be taught Arabic, take memorization courses within the Quran, and attend weekly research teams in mosques or on-line. Many additionally want to journey to the Arab world to sit down and research with students.   

For reverts, studying about Islam helps them deepen their understanding of the reality, know the proper Islamic lifestyle, and earn the reward of Allah (SWT). 

Certainly, many born Muslims certainly search information for a similar causes and in comparable methods. Nonetheless, reverts are particularly eager to realize information for its nice rewards.

Story – Aliya, Her Indian Mom And White Convert Father 

Although it could shock some folks, in households the place one partner was born right into a Muslim household and the opposite is a convert, the convert is commonly the extra educated and practising guardian. 

The Story Synopsis

Aliya’s non-Muslim father marries a culturally Indian Muslim mom who’s an immigrant to the USA. 

He asks her deep questions on Islam that her mom can’t reply. Her father begins to attend conferences and Islamic conferences to be taught extra. 

He converts to Islam and, over time, grows deep in information. He encourages and teaches his kids to grow to be practising Muslims and to higher themselves. 

Learn this story intimately and others at ‘Raised by ConvertsOpens in a new tab.’ -Tales by Laura El Alam.

Creator Muslim Revert Mohammed Francis and Household In Madinah Metropolis

3. Converts Are Painfully Conscious of Life Earlier than Islam

Reverts come to Islam for a lot of causes. Some have been practising Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and atheists. 

Others have been by no means non secular in any respect or by no means desired to grow to be Muslims. Nonetheless, the frequent thread is their confusion and expertise of a painful life earlier than Islam. 

1. Ex Hindus reject the worship of a number of gods, the pointless rituals and prejudice in direction of Muslims. 

2. Ex Christians and Jews deny the likelihood that the historic Jesus is the Son of God and the Trinity; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

3. Former Buddhists surrender the summary nature of Buddhahood, the numerous reincarnations and seemingly impossibility of non-public enlightenment. 

4. The stark actuality of the creation and a creator God (Allah SWT) run counter to atheistic perception that there isn’t a God.

5. Some reverts have been immersed in pleasurable, worldly actions however felt fixed existential ache. 

Love relations, enterprise success, and societal freedoms don’t present long-lasting contentment. 

Many had additionally by no means thought of the opportunity of an all-creator God (Allah SWT).

These people had enjoyable and completely satisfied occasions however failed to know the which means of life and dying and didn’t expertise deep private satisfaction of their former lives.

After all, each faith claims to be the one reality. So too, the unrestricted freedoms and life pleasures of life in developed non-Muslim international locations appear very thrilling and alluring to born Muslims.

In the end, they’re unsatisfactory and meaningless and trigger non-Muslims to show to Islam.  

Reward God! (Alhamdulillah) Islam solutions all of the questions concerning the human expertise, life and dying, and every thing regarding the afterlife.

Solely submission (Islam) and obedience to Allah (SWT) result in perception, understanding, peace, satisfaction, and to the sweetness of religion (Iman) like no different.

Story – Fats Cat Brilliantly Describes The Loneliness, Isolation, And Challenges New Muslims Face 

One of many struggles of a revert Muslim is that they really feel caught between two worlds. It’s like they’re in a limbo of types. 

Swinging between two worlds and are unable to be comfy in both, as they not match within the non-Muslim world they’ve left and haven’t but discovered their place within the Muslim one they’ve entered.

Struggles As A Revert MuslimOpens in a new tab. – Hijab Diaries – Hidden Pearls

As fantastic because it feels to see non-Muslims revert to Islam, born Muslims with historical past and supportive households can’t start to understand the big challenges new Muslims should face. 

Fats Cat shares tales and raises problems with revert rejection, isolation, bodily pressure, Islamophobia, confusion, the Hijab, marriage, morality, and sustaining enthusiasm for Islam.


Simon Collins (retired) Muslim Revert British Ambassador to Qatar, Syria, Iraq and KSA Transformed To Islam in 2016

4. New Muslims Encourage and Encourage Born Muslims 

To born Muslims, reverts are inspirational and assist encourage them to be higher Muslims as a result of they see that reverts have purposefully given up their outdated freedoms and a lifetime of pleasure solely to serve Allah (SWT).

They’re freedoms and pleasures expressly denied to born Muslims (Haram): consuming alcohol, nightclubs, dancing, open sexual relations, and pornography.

As well as, born Muslims usually mistakenly understand that life in developed, democratic non-Muslim international locations is superior to life of their societies. 

For instance, they have an inclination to idolize Western / European tradition and consider it units the proper requirements for folks to dwell by. 

Born Muslims are stunned but fascinated to satisfy reverts who consider the Islamic lifestyle would enhance Western societies. 

The truth that Muslim reverts hand over their freedoms and dwell strictly in response to Islam (even in non-Muslim international locations) encourages born Muslims to like and recognize their faith extra totally.

Story – Ninja Mommy Relates How As A Non Practising Born Muslim, She Got here Again To Islam

Rising up in a Muslim household, she by no means gave Islam a second thought till the dying of her beloved father.

Born Muslims view non-Muslims as free folks. They idolize, envy, and imitate them. As an alternative of bringing them nearer to Islam, the aping of non-Muslim methods additional distances them from the faith.

However, they see Muslim reverts as liberated and fulfilled by their non secular observe.  

Born Muslims are sometimes moved and really feel in awe by how reverts remodel themselves, their look, mannerisms, and every thing they provide as much as grow to be Muslim. 

Nonetheless, they have no idea about painful realities and sensible difficulties of life after conversion.  

Some admit that once they meet educated, practising Muslim reverts, they usually really feel ashamed and conscious of the identical have to make modifications in themselves. 

Are All Muslim Reverts Extra Non secular Than Born Muslims? No, many non-Muslim solely convert to Islam as a result of they fall in love and want to marry. They solely accomplish that to satisfy a situation set by the Islamic legislation (Sharia) that they need to be a Muslim to marry a partner who’s a born Muslim. Others convert for monetary achieve, job alternatives, and social acceptability (throughout their keep) in Muslim international locations. 

Are Marriages Between Reverts and Born Muslims Attainable? Combined-race marriages and marriages to reverts are completely acceptable and produce completely satisfied unions and blessed marriages. Nonetheless, dad and mom of born Muslims usually refuse potential revert spouses as marriage companions out of concern that they may go away Islam and deny them entry to their kids and grandchildren.

Do Non Muslims Revert For Nefarious Causes? Sure, numerous political and spiritual teams make use of non-Muslims disguised as Muslim reverts to infiltrate Islamic societies to advance their political agendas and make modifications. The video is the testimony of an American female who studied Islam under Jewish teachers with the goal of intending to subvert MuslimsOpens in a new tab. however as a substitute got here to know the reality of Islam and made a real conversion to the faith.

Converting to Islam: A Personal ExperienceOpens in a new tab. Western Sydney Faith and Society

Raised by ConvertsOpens in a new tab. -Tales by Laura El Alam

Struggles As A Revert MuslimOpens in a new tab. – Hijab Diaries – Hidden Pearls

My Emotional Journey Back To Islam Opens in a new tab.– Ninja Mommy

Do Non-Muslims Revert For Nefarious ReasonsOpens in a new tab.? Inside Saudi Arabia

Are Muslim converts generally more religious than freeborn Muslims?Opens in a new tab. – Quora

Allah Provides The Identical Selections To Born & New Muslims Alike

  • Everybody Is Born With A Pure Nature (Fitrah)
  • Allah (SWT) guided human beings to the precise path.
  • People Have Free Will.
  • Allah despatched Prophets to Non-Muslim or Born Muslims Alike

Salam Allekum! Hello there! Thanks for studying. Contact the Editor Mohammed Francis straight at [email protected] with any questions or queries. WhatsApp 00966591319538

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