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I’ve observed that when Saudis greet each other, they smile, seize arms, say, “Salam Allekum,” get animated, kiss, and ask many fast private questions with out ready for solutions. 

It’s an odd, virtually comical scene to witness. I’ve quizzed a number of Saudi males about why they do that, and they don’t appear to know.

Nonetheless, in stark distinction, it isn’t how we do it in the UK. In my nation, folks often supply a lukewarm “hello” or an ungainly handshake.

So I gave it a shot, and it labored. Immediately, after I meet a Saudi, I greet them the identical manner they greet one another, and so they at all times reply properly. 

It took some time to get used to, however I’m glad I made the change.

Whenever you go to Saudi Arabia, I additionally need you to study the key of the right way to greet completely different folks politely. Understanding this can assist you make an ideal first impression. 

Khaled Al Ameri Demonstrates How Arabs Greet and Kiss See Video Demonstration Beneath

You must shake arms with the appropriate hand and supply the appropriate cheek. Loosen up your arm, transfer shut, and permit your proper shoulder to the touch theirs. Kiss their cheek in a lightweight dabbing vogue one, two, or 3 times. Ask common questions on their well being, kids, work, and life.

Alternatively, plant one kiss on their proper cheek after which two or three on the left. See Khalid Al Ameri’s excellent and funny demonstrationOpens in a new tab..

Nonetheless, don’t greet everybody on this manner. For instance, a person ought to by no means shake a Saudi or Muslim lady’s hand except she affords it. Additionally, he must not ever rise up near her and kiss her cheek.

The next is a fast information to applicable methods to greet others (Saudi or in any other case) within the Saudi Kingdom. I’ll present you correct social etiquette based mostly on my greater than 20 years of expertise dwelling in Saudi Arabia.

Who Can Give Whom A Formal Greeting In Saudi Arabia?

Providing Formal Greetings Sure / No
Males With Males Sure
Ladies With Ladies Sure
Males With Ladies No
Ladies With Males No
Males With Boys Sure
Males With Women No
Boys With Boys Sure
Women With Women Sure
Boys With Women No
Women With Boys No

(Click on to leap to the merchandise after which arrow to return to the checklist)

1. The Finest Means For Males To Greet Different Saudi Males

When assembly different Saudi males for the primary time, smile, supply your proper hand, and say ‘Salam Allekum,’ that means ‘Could Allah’s (SWT) peace and blessings be upon you.’ 

Should you already know the opposite individual and are on pleasant phrases, you possibly can absolutely greet them as described within the reply paragraph above.

If a person greets you with ‘Salam Allekum’, you need to reply with ‘Wah Ley Kum Salam’ or ‘Could Allah’s peace be upon you too.’

It’s the usual manner of greeting Muslims and folks normally. Then again, if you’re a non-Muslim, many individuals will solely say “Hello” or “Good day.”

Greetings Aged Males Or Exhibiting Nice Respect

It shocked me the primary time a younger pupil greeted me by kissing me on prime of the pinnacle, (crown). I realized that that is out of nice respect and fairly frequent.

Younger Saudis typically greet fathers and grandfathers on this manner. In addition they use it to greet older males and people they regard with excessive esteem.

To study all about Saud males, their characters, attitudes, and customs regarding company, click on to learn Inside Saudi’s What Are Saudi Men Really Like?Opens in a new tab.   

2. The Finest Means For Ladies To Greet Different Saudi Ladies  

The way in which that girls greet different Saudi girls is identical as described above for males. Ladies are completely different in that they contact one another extra and are extra expressive of their salutations.

3. Males Greeting Different Ladies And Vice Versa

Besides in formal settings, you need to by no means shake arms to greet a Saudi or Muslim lady. If she affords her hand, chances are you’ll settle for it.

As you are taking her hand, your grasp must be very gentle, and you need to shortly draw back inside one or two seconds. 

Don’t ever attempt to get shut or kiss her cheek. This gesture will irritate and even enrage these round you.

4. The Finest Means For Males To Greet Saudi Ladies

Justin Trudeau Exhibiting Nice Courtesy Is aware of How To Greet Muslim Ladies

In my expertise, one of the best ways to greet Saudi girls is to do the next: 

Whenever you meet, say ‘Salam Allekum,’ that means ‘Could Allah’s (SWT) peace and blessings be upon you.’ 

If she says it to you first, reply with ‘Wah Ley Kum Salam’ or ‘Could Allah’s peace be upon you too.’

On the identical time, maintain your proper hand as much as your chest. Place your palm towards your higher physique for a number of seconds as you make your greeting. 

If she says “Hello” or “Good day,” then reply in variety.

5. The Finest Means For Ladies To Greet Saudi Males

Saudi males won’t attempt to shake arms with girls (Saudi or in any other case) except they’re in a enterprise or formal scenario. 

Educated males will perceive should you supply to shake arms, however it’s poor etiquette for ladies to do that with males. 

Really, it can upset many women and men, inflicting them to imagine you’re too ahead and easygoing.

It isn’t a great way to start out. 

In my expertise, one of the best ways to greet different males is to place your self a brief distance (1-2 meters) from them and make a verbal greeting.

Don’t attempt to shake arms, kiss, rise up shut, or make any pleasant touching gestures.

Muslim Ladies Exhibiting How Males Ought to Greet Them After A Western Customer Holds Out His Hand

6. The Finest Means For Males To Greet Saudi Boys 

Saudi boys greet others in the identical formal manner as adults do. Whenever you meet, shake arms and greet as you’d with Saudi males. 

After all, the scenario will decide the extent of ritual and sort of greeting. If a father introduces his son to you, he’ll anticipate him to make a proper greeting.

Observe: Muslims assess a father’s or mom’s character partially based mostly on how their children behave and greet different folks.

7. The Finest Means For Males To Greet Saudi Women 

Saudi ladies greet different women and girls the best way boys and males greet one another, as described above.

Nonetheless, as a person, you need to greet Saudi teenagers and younger ladies with the identical deference you present to girls.

As for Saudi girls, it’s inappropriate so that you can attain out, shake arms, or contact younger ladies in any manner in any way.

Khaled Al Ameri – How To Greet Like An Arab

Associated Questions

How Do I Tackle Saudis With Titles? You must use the title after which their first names. For instance, you’d name Dr. Mohammed Al Shammari by his title and first identify: Dr. Mohammed. Conversely, within the West, we’d use the title and surname: Dr. Al Shammari

In Saudi Arabia, How Do You Tackle Strangers in Public? In Arabic, Saudis and different nationalities tackle me in public as brother, shaikh, ustadh, or tayeb. I additionally tackle them utilizing the identical names. Likewise, I consult with Saudi females as sisters. Saudi prospects routinely name store proprietors or staff “Mohammed” in outlets and public areas.

Saudis are consistently inviting me to their properties. Is it normal? Sure, it’s! Each women and men are very hospitable. It is a vital customized to ask others to their properties, the place they sit on the ground in a front room (Majlis) and luxuriate in freshly made Arabic espresso. At all times say sure once they invite you, however should you can’t make it, ask for a rain verify.

Why Do Some Arabs Contact Noses When They Greet? Arabs of the identical tribe or locality greet by dabbing one another’s nostril (Khishm) two or 3 times. This sort of greeting is frequent within the Gulf international locations and in Yemen and nice enjoyable to look at.

Two Yemenis Greeting By Dabbing The Nostril (Khishm) – Fairly A Frequent Website In Saudi Arabia

Salam Allekum! Hello there! Thanks for studying. Contact the Editor Mohammed Francis at [email protected] with any questions or queries.

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