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Britain’s International Secretary Liz Truss has said that she is going to assist anybody who desires to go to Ukraine to affix a global brigade of fighters in opposition to Russia. She described such a mission as collaborating in a battle “for freedom and democracy”.

I am unable to assist however surprise, although, about those that’ve left British shores to battle abroad solely to have their citizenships revoked by an unsympathetic British authorities. The one distinction I can see between those that need to battle in Ukraine and people who need to battle in Palestine, Syria, Libya or Iraq is pores and skin color and religion.

There are a minimum of 100,000 Muslims dwelling in Kyiv. Is Truss going to assist their British and European brothers and sisters who need to exit to battle alongside them within the Ukrainian capital? She advised the BBC on Sunday morning that it was as much as folks to make their very own choices in such conditions; she additionally mentioned that the Ukrainians are combating for freedom, “not only for Ukraine however for the entire of Europe.”

Why, I ponder, are democracy and freedom extra valuable in Europe than, say, in Syria, the place dictator Bashar Al-Assad is making an attempt to crush the final vestiges of a revolution by which Syrians dared to dream about their very own democratic state? And why are Palestinians who resist Israel’s brutal occupation demonised as “terrorists” and shunned by the “democratic” and apparently freedom-loving West? I do know many individuals who want to exit and be a part of the Palestinians in defence of their official rights as they battle for survival in opposition to apartheid Israel.

As Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urges international nationals “to affix the defence of safety in Europe”, his authorities is able to arm an “worldwide” legion of volunteer foreigners who want to be a part of the Ukrainian military in its battle in opposition to Russian forces. “This isn’t simply Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” he identified on his official web site. “That is the start of a conflict in opposition to Europe. In opposition to European unity.”

Palestinian leaders have made related statements about securing the way forward for Islam’s third holiest web site, the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, which is beneath assault by Israeli occupation forces, together with unlawful settlers. If a global name was made for hundreds of thousands of Muslims throughout the West to guard Al-Aqsa from the murderous designs of the Israelis, would International Secretary Liz Truss approve? One way or the other, I doubt it. As I wrote a few days in the past, “The disaster in Ukraine exposes the hypocrisy of Israel and its Zionist allies.” Among the many latter stands Truss and the federal government by which she has a senior function.

“Everybody who desires to affix the defence of safety in Europe and the world could come and stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians in opposition to the invaders of the twenty first Century,” mentioned Zelenskyy. Now think about that Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh — whose democratic election as Palestinian Prime Minister in 2006 was rejected by those self same Zionist allies — issued such an invite to Muslims around the globe, and Britain particularly, to guard the folks of occupied Palestine from Israel and its settler-colonialism. Apartheid, bear in mind, is akin to a criminal offense in opposition to humanity, and the annexation of territory by way of navy motion is unlawful; Israel is responsible of each.

Furthermore, a few of the settlers and troopers who bolster and implement Israel’s occupation of Palestine maintain British and different European passports. However hey, that is OK it appears, as a result of they’re white and Jewish, whereas those that oppose them are “solely” Arabs.

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In 2019, I visited an amputee clinic the place traumatised Syrian kids have been being taught to stroll once more. I met British docs, academics and assist employees who’ve had their citizenship revoked as a result of they have been working in rebel-held Idlib. Unable to make a authorized problem in opposition to the British authorities’s resolution from a conflict zone, they’re now in a authorized black gap.

They did not decide up weapons or exit to battle; they merely wished to assist the extraordinary Syrian folks of their battle for democracy and one of the best ways they might do that was through the use of the abilities that they’ve. They have to all be questioning why the British authorities which stripped them of their passports is able to again these trying to do the identical in Ukraine, and even take up arms there. Can there be any extra blatant instance of hypocrisy, Islamophobia and racism than that being displayed by Liz Truss and, presumably, her boss Boris Johnson and their cupboard colleagues?

When individuals are in hassle it’s human nature for folks to need to assist in any approach they will. I’d not dream of criticising anybody who desires to affix a global brigade to assist Ukrainians of their battle. But when that is OK, then it must also be OK for others to go to assist the folks of Palestine, Chechnya, Libya, Syria, Yemen, occupied Kashmir and different hassle spots.

Within the Nineteen Thirties, round 60,000 younger folks left North America and Europe to affix the Worldwide Brigade, teams of international volunteers who fought on the Republican aspect in opposition to the fascist Nationalist forces through the Spanish Civil Struggle (1936–39). What is never reported is that whereas many left Britain to battle for the republicans, there was additionally a number of who fought alongside the fascists. Neither confronted any issues once they returned to Britain.

Whereas Truss and UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace insist that British troopers won’t be despatched to Ukraine to battle, the place of British residents who determine to affix the worldwide brigade must be clarified. The international secretary wants to elucidate why the defence of democracy in Ukraine is suitable, however standing up in opposition to tyrants, dictators and authoritarian regimes elsewhere isn’t. We’ve got a proper to know. Extra to the purpose, so do the folks of occupied Palestine and Syria. If the Ukrainians might be helped by a global brigade, why cannot they?

Opinion: The crisis in Ukraine exposes the hypocrisy of Israel and its Zionist allies

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