Iran ‘warns’ Gulf to not enable Israel to make use of them as bases to focus on it  – Center East Monitor

A Commander within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Mohammad Tehrani Moghaddam has warned Gulf Arab rulers to not enable Israel to make use of their nations as launch pads for assaults on Iran, the Quds Pressure channel reported on Telegram.

“If Israel intends to hurt Iran by the nations bordering the Gulf, we warn the rulers of the Arab nations that we are going to actually goal them with the Revolutionary Guards’ invisible arrows, that’s, with untraceable missiles,” Tehrani mentioned.

Remarking on the Iranian attack on the city of Erbil in northern Iraq, he mentioned that the “decisive assaults” on “Israel’s secret bases” got here in retaliation for Tel Aviv’s espionage and the assaults it carries out”.

He additionally threatened the US navy with “the Revolutionary Guards’ invisible arrows” if it didn’t depart the area.

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On Sunday, the Kurdish metropolis of Erbil was attacked with 12 ballistic missiles fired from east of the nation, focusing on a neighbourhood close to the American Consulate, inflicting materials harm to a variety of buildings, with out inflicting casualties.

The IRGC claimed duty for the assault, saying it had focused “the strategic centre of Zionist conspiracy and malicious actions with precision missiles,” including that the assault got here in opposition to the backdrop of Israel’s latest crimes.

On Monday, Iranian Overseas Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh mentioned Tehran had warned the Iraqi authorities a number of occasions that its territory shouldn’t be utilized by third events to launch assaults in opposition to Iran.

The Iranian assault was met with vast Arab and worldwide condemnations, together with from Iraqi officers, whereas Baghdad summoned the Iranian ambassador to protest in opposition to the transfer.

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