Predicting the Future

On this put up, we’ll apply the long run tense by making predictions expectations concerning the future المستقبل.

There are two methods to speak concerning the future in Arabic:

By including the prefix سَـ Or the phrase سوف earlier than the current tense types of the verb, for instance:

سيكتب or سوف یکتب “He’ll write”.

Anticipate the long run

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🎇Learn the next paragraph about predicting the long rundiscover that every tense begins with both the prefix سَـ Or the phrase سوف. First, decide these future tenses and their meanings, then select from the phrases beneath to fill within the blanks🤔.

It’s anticipated that after the tenth, the overall will take all of the travels on ____ as an alternative of the vows. وسيصبح ثمن التشيز برغر _____. Suf is for the animals _____’s particular worth. Suf Tasbah Al-Mubas Artifact ____. Set the state ____ wherein the best variety of individuals

_____ ففف ف تز ور ف ور سو ور

ار {dollars}


ورق الشجر



The birds

🎇On this subsequent train, create sentences utilizing both the prefix سَـ Or the phrase سوف to foretell Jamal’s life and Ameena’s life.

حياة جمال

For instance:

Housing: Palace

Suf Yasken Jamal in Qasr / Siskan Jamal in Qasr

Act: instance

Location: Mountains

Kids: Three

اليحوان الأليف: عصفور

The technique of transmission: the diploma of narration

Ranges: ١٠٠٠٠٠٠ within the Sunnah

حياة أمينة

Housing: شقة

Motion: The medication of the enamel

Location: Madinah

Kids: No youngsters

اليحوان الأليف: كلب

Technique of transportation: Planet

Ranges: ٥٠٠٠٠ within the Sunnah

I hope this was some enjoyable apply utilizing the long run tense in Arabic. Until subsequent time, glad Arabic studying! 😊

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