The Christian Group in Jordan

Partly one among this publish, we’ll be studying about Arab Christians المسيحيون العرب in Jordan. We’ll watch a clip in Trendy Normal Arabic that lists the totally different Christian sects Christian sects present in Jordan, the church buildings الكنائس in every space, and the vacations الأيياد they have a good time. Within the subsequent publish, we’ll find out about their historical past in Jordan تاريخهم في الأردن, their affect on Jordanian society تعثيرهم على المجتمع الأردني and the Christian-Muslim relationship in Jordan The Islamic Christian relationship in Jordan.

After watching this clip, strive answering the next questions. Most of what this narrator says can also be written in Arabic textual content so you’ll be able to pause and browse. Answering these questions on paper will enable you enhance your Arabic spelling in addition to retailer these vocabulary phrases in long run reminiscence. 😊

Picture offered by Yasmine Okay.

١. The point out of 4 Christian tribes in Jordan

٢. اذكر خمس مدن تتجبد فيها The Jordanians are Christians

3. What do you do for a residing?

٤. What’s the identify of the one who was killed within the first place?

٥. What about Eid al-Fitr?

٦. In what stream is the intent of Christ?

٧. Is the Synagogue of Takhtar some of the well-known princes in Jordan?

Identify 4 Christian sects in Jordan.

Identify 5 cities the place Jordanian Christians reside.

When do they have a good time New Yr’s Day?

What’s the identify of the vacation they have a good time on December 25?

What’s Easter?

During which river did Christ baptize?

Which church would you select to go to among the many well-known church buildings in Jordan?

I hope you allow this publish with new vocabulary and details about the Christian neighborhood in Jordan. Keep tuned for extra on this matter. Until subsequent week, joyful Arabic studying! 😊

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