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In Scotland, when somebody is on shaky floor or skating on skinny ice they’re mentioned to be hanging by a “shoogly peg”. That’s precisely the place Israel has discovered itself over the disaster in Ukraine because the hypocrisy of Tel Aviv and its Zionist allies is uncovered for the entire world to see.

Based on all of them — the US, the UK, the EU and Israel itself — Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are sacrosanct. Why, although, do every one in every of them not apply the identical precept to Palestine and the Palestinians? Aren’t the individuals of that occupied land not entitled to their very own territorial integrity and sovereignty with out the fact of every day armed incursions by the aggressively-colonial state of Israel, a rustic which has by no means declared the place its borders lie as a result of its founding Zionist ideology calls for its fixed growth into neighbouring counties, not simply the land of Palestine?

Till the UN and NATO roll out a stage taking part in subject in terms of human rights, sovereignty and respect for borders, we are able to count on to witness extra invasions and land grabs as highly effective states proceed to behave with impunity.

The previous adage that reality is the primary casualty of conflict is taking part in out earlier than our eyes. It’s laborious to know what is actually taking place in Ukraine, with Russia At present taking an apparent pro-Moscow place, whereas the BBC has gone “full tonto” to make use of the unlucky, testosterone-filled, macho language of Britain’s Defence Minister Ben Wallace. Reliable sources of stories are skinny on the bottom.

Russian President Vladimir Putin insists that his military is lending help to the breakaway republics of Donbass and Lugansk, however he would say that would not he? In the meantime, his US counterpart, Joe Biden, is accusing the Russian chief of a full-scale invasion, however he would say that, would not he? With reckless calls on all sides inciting different powers to take navy motion, the place is that this heading?

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The individuals of Taiwan have to be very frightened, in case China follows Russia’s instance and invades the island, which Beijing believes is respectable Chinese language territory. On Thursday, fighter jets had been scrambled as a result of Chinese language plane had been in Taiwanese airspace.

The Palestinians have each proper to ask why Western leaders, led by Biden, are imposing crippling sanctions on Moscow and threatening extra retaliatory motion if it continues with its invasion of Ukraine, however do not take comparable motion in opposition to Israeli colonialism. These are the identical leaders, keep in mind, who flip a blind eye to Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian land, and its navy offensives in opposition to the Palestinians within the besieged Gaza Strip. Israel stands accused of implementing the crime of apartheid in occupied Palestine by B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International; committing war crimes in Gaza; and utilizing white phosphorous and other prohibited weapons within the heavily-populated civilian areas of the Strip. Furthermore, the Zionist state has nonetheless to be held to account for bombing the Associated Press media centre in Gaza.

With no trace of irony, although, the shameless authorities in Tel Aviv introduced this week that, “Israel helps Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Israel’s involvement in Ukraine goes past mere rhetoric. It has by no means been too fussy about who it sells weapons to, however this might come again to hang-out the Zionist state; the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, which has been on the entrance line in Ukraine’s conflict with pro-Russia separatists, is armed to the enamel with Israeli weapons. The battalion is one in every of many volunteer brigades to struggle alongside the Ukrainian military within the east of the nation, and has a popularity for brutality.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine rise on the shared border – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

There are non-public issues within the corridors of energy that if the preventing in opposition to the separatists involves an finish, then the subsequent large menace to the Ukrainian authorities and the state itself would be the far-right extremists within the Azov battalion. Their brazenly neo-Nazi leanings are there for everybody to see. Lots of the Azov fighters are anti-Semitic, Holocaust-deniers and admirers of Adolf Hitler, however we already know that Israel is extra tolerant of the odious views of those that purchase its weapons than, say, promoters of peace and anti-war supporters like the previous Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn in Britain.

The present Labour Chief Sir Keir Starmer is main a witch hunt in opposition to occasion members who’re pro-Palestine and anti-Israel, however has no qualms about backing Ukraine, neo-Nazi warts and all, identical to his warmongering rival, Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They’ve each adopted pro-Ukraine postures this week, and but haven’t solely stored quiet about apartheid Israel’s ethnic cleaning of the Palestinians, but in addition declared their lively help for the Zionist state.

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Once we take a look at the West’s complicity over the humanitarian disasters in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Palestine, it is no shock that Starmer and Johnson have toed the Washington line just like the dutiful lapdogs that they’re. The entire aforementioned Muslim nations are victims of NATO aggression immediately or not directly; and all are victims of US imperialism.

This is not about taking sides or selecting Putin over Biden; I’m no fan of both. It is about peace, which, from the place I am standing, seems to be one million miles away from each the White Home and the Kremlin.

Clearly, the US has not misplaced its urge for food for conflict, regardless of its humiliating defeat by the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan final yr. Certainly, the American economic system thrives on conflicts all over the world. The US has round 750 military bases in 80 countries, and Biden is completely satisfied to encompass Russia with NATO bases and NATO-aligned nations. Putin has grown more and more agitated about this, and has made his emotions recognized. Again in December, the Russian chief initiated talks with America to diffuse the scenario. The response from Washington was to kick sand in Putin’s face, the least diplomatic plan of action when coping with a frontrunner whose ego is the scale of Pink Sq.. However perhaps Biden deliberate it this fashion.

Within the meantime, Palestinians can solely look on in despair and surprise what it can take for the West to cease, pause and take into account their territorial rights and sovereignty with the identical compassion proven to the individuals of Ukraine. If, as former Prime Minister Theresa Could mentioned in Westminster the opposite day, you will need to stand as much as Russia in “defence of democracy”, then certainly that noble precept needs to be utilized in all places, Israeli-occupied Palestine included. It’s hypocritical to do in any other case.

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