The Jordanian Christian Neighborhood Half Two

Picture offered by Yasmine K.

On this half two put up in regards to the Jordanian Christian group, we start by listening to a part of a speech by King Abdullah the Second about preserving the Arab Christian id الهوية المسيحية العربية and the Christian-Muslim relationship.

This clip continues to speak in regards to the position far of Jordanian Christians all through historical past when it comes to establishing Jordan and serving in the navy الجيش. It additionally describes how Christian and Muslim neighbors have been supportive of each other over time.

Notice that the clip supplies an English translation. I’ve summarized the details of this clip in Arabic beneath to additional assist you to perceive and pinpoint the vocabulary phrases that you just hear.

1 • After watching this video, how would you describe the connection between Arab Christians and Muslims in Jordan?

3 • What helped kind a robust relationship between Christians and Muslims in Jordan?

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