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The latest occasions on the Negev, which had been punctuated by common Palestinian confrontations with the occupation military, by which women and men alike participated within the steadfastness of the Palestinian individuals on their land within the occupied Negev, introduced again to our reminiscence the scenes of Palestinian steadfastness within the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied Jerusalem, and the occasions of the Al-Aqsa Intifada. It was additionally paying homage to the Intifada of the Stones, and the occasions of Land Day, by which the Palestinian individuals rose up in defence of the land of Palestine, and in rejection of the occupation’s plans to uproot the Palestinians from their land and expel them from their houses as a part of a settlement plan that has been ongoing for the previous century. Nevertheless, it has nonetheless been unsuccessful in persuading the Palestinians to to migrate from their land voluntarily.

The latest razing operations carried out by the extremist right-wing occupation authorities, which focused the Naqa space, east of town of Tel El-Saba within the occupied Negev, underneath the pretext of forestation of barren lands, is an extension of the occupation state’s anti-Palestinian coverage. This coverage consists of repression, arrests, raiding houses and assaulting harmless individuals, with the goal of pushing the Palestinians to give up – and, thus, not confront the racism of the occupation, or thwarts its ongoing settlement plans within the occupied Negev area.

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The successive occupation governments refuse to recognise the fitting of the Palestinians of the Negev to dwell of their villages, that are over 45 in quantity. They’re additionally being disadvantaged of infrastructure and electrical energy and the occupation is forcing them to dwell in a crowded method in a really tight space of the Negev land, which makes up over half of the geography of historic Palestine. It’s practising a racist coverage that contradicts the claims of the occupation governments that the Israeli state is an oasis of democracy and a mannequin for coexistence between the Palestinians and the Occupation.

The occupation authorities’s makes an attempt to regulate, by armed pressure, the six Palestinian villages within the Naqa space, east of Beersheba, and its insistence on expelling its greater than 30,000 Palestinian residents confirms, as soon as once more, the impossibility of coexistence with the occupation’s racism and the continual insurance policies of Judaisation of the Palestinian land. It additionally exposes the falsehood of the claims made by some who believed that, in the event that they supplied political help to the extremist Bennett-Lapid authorities, in return the occupation would agree to ascertain an infrastructure for the Palestinians within the occupied Negev. The latest occasions within the Negev confirmed that the Palestinian supporters of the extremist occupation governments dwell in illusions removed from actuality.

Israel is attempting to steal extra Palestinian land within the Negev – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

The scenes of steadfastness that all of us adopted by means of the rebellion of our individuals within the occupied Negev within the face of the occupation military, the solidarity vigils in help of this nationwide motion in Gaza, Umm Al-Fahm, Haifa, Jaffa and Nazareth, and the statements of help issued by the Palestinian forces in help of the Negev rebellion, confirms the unity of our Palestinian individuals in confronting the occupation. It additionally proves that resistance, in all of its kinds, together with common and armed resistance, is a nationwide means round which the Palestinian individuals are rallying, they usually now see complete confrontation as the one strategy to uproot the occupation from the land of Palestine.

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Though the Fatah motion issued a press release rejecting the occupation’s aggression towards the individuals of the Negev, it’s price noting that the PA and PLO, together with their official our bodies which are supposed to signify the Palestinian individuals, have remained silent within the face of the heated occasions within the occupied Negev, as if these occasions don’t concern them. It’s as if they’re afraid to denounce the extremist actions of the Bennett-Lapid authorities for worry of the federal government depriving them of the financial privileges loved by its leaders from occupied Ramallah.

In conclusion, we declare our solidarity with our individuals within the occupied Negev, and we contemplate their help a nationwide responsibility that ought to be carried out by all Palestinians. The Palestinian individuals, wherever they’re, are being focused for expulsion by the Zionist occupation governments. The victory of our individuals within the Negev on this confrontation that was imposed on them by pressure is a victory for all Palestinians and the Palestinian trigger.

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