Wadi Rum وادی رم

هل سمعت بوادي رم؟ ✨

Have you ever heard of Wadi Rum وادي رم?

Picture offered by Yasmine Ok.

It is undoubtedly a type of locations you need to add to your record particularly should you’re visiting Jordan. On this put up, we’ll study وادي رم and watch a clip a few Bedouin whose household has lived there for lots of of years. We’ll then reply the questions that observe. Let first learn the next paragraph about this magical dessert.

South: south

Floor: floor

Qamar: moon

Rock: rocks

رمال: sand

Denominator: director

Image photographs: filming motion pictures

Scientific creativeness: science fiction

The valley of Ram within the south of Jordan is likely one of the most stunning on the planet. It is usually referred to as “the valley of the moon” as a result of it begins just like the floor of the moon due to the shapes of the moon and the sand. The protagonists of the movies love this valley, which is a particular place for the photographs of the cinematic movies, particularly the works of the imaginary science. أمثلة على أفلام definitely في وادي رم

The Martian, Dune, Aladdin, Star wars

: الأسئلة

١. Why is life within the desert valley of Rome tough?

٢. Why do they reside within the desert valley of Ram al-Qasi?

3. Why is the poison of the area that lives within the “moon valley”?

٤. What century is absolutely the household within the valley of Rome?

٥. What do they make of the affected person?

٦. To say three forms of animals that reside with them within the valley of Rome

٧. How does the sentence attain absolutely the absolute on the livelihood?

٨. What’s the attribute of a human being who learns from the sentence?

٩. What’s the absolute view of the business in the home?

١٠. How is absolutely the place of Aisha within the valley of Rome?

١١. What’s your absolute life? Who will stay within the valley of Ram, who can be transported to town?

١٢. هل تريد أن تجور وادی رم ، اذا نعم ، لماذا؟

Why resides within the Wadi Rum desert tough?

Why do they reside within the harsh desert of Wadi Rum?

Why was the realm wherein he lives referred to as “وادي القمر“?

What number of centuries did Mutlaq’s household reside in Wadi Rum?

What do they make the tent out of?

Identify three forms of animals that reside with them in Wadi Rum.

How does the camel assist Mutlaq’s household reside?

What attribute can an individual be taught from a camel?

What did you see Mutlaq making in his dwelling?

How does Mutlaq describe his place of dwelling in Wadi Rum?

What do you consider Mutlaq’s life? Ought to he keep in Wadi Rum or transfer to town?

Do you need to go to Wadi Rum, if sure, why?

I hope you discovered this clip on وادي رم fascinating and that you simply at some point plan on visiting. Until subsequent week, blissful Arabic studying! 😊

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