What Makes Manuka Honey So Particular?

There’s been lots of buzz concerning the well being and wellness advantages of Manuka Honey, and although most of us have heard these claims, many people aren’t positive what it’s that makes it so particular. Learn on to be taught extra about this superb tremendous meals.

Distinctive qualities

Immediately, most honey discovered on grocery store cabinets is processed. This implies they’re pasteurized (heated at excessive temperatures) and filtered to assist improve the style and look. However Manuka honey is subjected to little or no processing. This implies it’s honey in its pure state, with all of the pure substances retained, serving to it to supply extra highly effective well being advantages than common honey. That is why it’s darker, thicker, and tougher to unfold. And it incorporates distinct properties that espouse a number of wellbeing advantages, from staving off diabetes to boosting pores and skin therapeutic.

Historical past

Native to New Zealand, Manuka honey is produced by bees that feed on the Manuka plant. That is an indigenous wild shrub that grows on each the North and South Islands. In truth, it was used greater than a thousand years in the past by Maori tribes who made a tea by boiling its leaves to deal with fevers and colds.

Antibacterial potential

Immediately, Manuka honey has been extensively researched and at this time is now identified to include antibacterial potential.  Current research have demonstrated that Manuka honey could be helpful in treating leg ulcers and wounds; and even assist to battle an infection.

Methylglyoxal (MGO)

In 2006, it was found that very excessive ranges of naturally occurring Methylglyoxal (MGO) in Manuka honey are the very element answerable for its distinct antimicrobial properties. Till just lately there was no single indicator for what constituted actual Manuka Honey, till late 2017, when the New Zealand authorities’s Ministry for Major Industries (MPI) finalized the primary international scientific definition for Manuka Honey. Now, all honey labeled as Manuka for export should first be examined by an MPI- acknowledged laboratory to verify it meets the brand new definition, which incorporates testing the required degree of methoxyacetophenone, a chemical which has solely been present in Manuka crops.

Credit score: Manuka Well being at John Bell & Croyden, London, UK

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