Exploring Frequent Arabic Idioms and Proverbs about Cash

English equal: One man’s loss is one other man’s achieve

This proverb highlights the concept monetary alternatives typically come up from the misfortunes of others. In such instances, one individual’s loss can present a possibility for an additional to profit.

Instance: A savvy investor may buy a property at a reduced value after the earlier proprietor has confronted monetary difficulties, showcasing the advantages.

Maal il-Haraam yadhhab bi-laa baraka (maal il-Haraam yadhhab bi-laa baraka)

Literal Translation: Illicit wealth goes with out blessings

English equal: In poor health-gotten positive aspects by no means prosper

This proverb emphasizes the significance of incomes cash by way of sincere and bonafide means. It means that wealth obtained by way of unethical or unlawful actions is not going to deliver lasting success or happiness.

Instance: An individual who amasses wealth by way of dishonest means, corresponding to fraud or embezzlement, and finally faces authorized penalties or loses their fortune, demonstrates مال الحرام يعبة بلا بركة.

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