Forms of Libraries in Jordan Half Two أنواع المَكْتبات في الأردن

On this publish we’ll proceed the story of غيث بحدوشة and His distinctive library library. However first let’s get to know some e book genres in Arabic. 📚

What sort of books do you like to learn?

What sorts of books do you prefer to learn?

GenBook genres أوواع الكتب

قِصص المُغامرات: journey

Artwork / Structure: artwork / structure

Date: historical past

Intrinsic biography: autobiography

Biography: biography

Enterprise / Economics: enterprise / economics

قصص أطفال: youngsters’s books

Traditional books: traditional books

Cookbooks: cook dinner books

القواميس: dictionaries

Articles: encyclopedia

الدراما: drama

الصحة / اللياقة: well being / health

Creativeness tales: fantasy

الرُّعب: horror

Philosophy: philosophy

Poetry: poetry

Romance tales: romance

Scientific creativeness: science fiction

قصص قصيرة: brief tales

العِلم: science

Journey: journey

Right here is the continuation of final week’s clip about غيث بحدوشة and His distinctive library library.

The title he gave his library is مكتبة كَون that means cosmos, universe or world. 🌌

Here’s a drawing of a spiral bookcase from contained in the library that has grow to be an emblem of Your faculty.

Picture supplied by Yasmine Okay.

On this second half, the reporter interviews two guests who give their opinions on Your faculty.

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And if he opens the library, he’ll open his doorways till he turns to the community and the air of examine, besides that they’re the primary of its sort within the reserve. By way of encouraging readers to trade books for a single dinar solely

: زائرة

The Halwa Library, the appropriate of them in Madaba. In the event you take a look at the publication of books from Oman, we don’t want books. لينا فكرتها جديدة. How a lot is the system of metaphorical vanity and vanity, which implies that it’s attainable to unfold the e book and return it and trade it with the quantity, that’s, a lot less complicated.

: زائرة

What’s the matter with the topic? فالمكان كتير محمس انو حسيت انو جاب الاشي القديم Wahlo Anu Hamsna Anu Hati Al-Makan Ba’atik Dafi Anq Taqraa Kitab

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Many of the three books are on this small dealer who marries within the authentic previous and spreads the current from the range of mental and historic variety and inheritance which displays the range of the newcomers who’re offered with the attraction of the attention.

All angles on this place are tales and anecdotes and all books within the bookshelf of historical past prolong to the tribes of the ages. There’s a story that’s restricted and that is the top of the story

Khidr al-Abdali, warmth, etiquette


Reporter: As quickly because the library opened its doorways, it become a mecca for younger folks and studying fanatics, along with being the primary of its sort within the governorate. It permits readers to trade books for just one dinar.

Customer: The Library is sweet. There is not one prefer it in Madaba. We needed to go to Amman to purchase books once we wanted books. We discovered that it (the library) is a brand new concept. We will sit and browse and so they have the borrowing system additionally that means you might purchase a e book and return it and trade it for a small quantity (of cash).

Customer: What’s good about this entire factor, is that we should not have this right here. So this place may be very thrilling in that he introduced collectively what’s outdated, that means what had already existed with the theme of civilization. And it is good that he received us excited on this place that offers you motivation to learn books.

Reporter: Greater than three thousand books on this small store the place the authenticity of the previous and the radiance of the current are married by mental, historic and heritage variety, which is mirrored within the variety of titles supplied, which has attracted many younger folks to learn. Each nook on this place has a narrative and a story. Each e book on the library’s cabinets has a historical past that spans many years. That is the story of Ghaith Bahdusha, and that is the top of the story. Khaidr Al-abdali, Alhurra, Madaba

How a lot ought to I spend when exchanging books?

Why do folks in Madaba affiliate this faculty? 📝

What’s the topic of the varsity? 📝

How a lot do it is advisable to pay if you trade a e book?

Why are folks in Madaba enthusiastic about this library?

What’s the theme of Your faculty?

I hope you have loved this clip and have elevated your Arabic vocabulary on the subject of Letters and القراءة.📚📖

Until subsequent week, joyful Arabic studying! 😊

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